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The World of Magazines

magazines cover

What do magazines have to tell us? What place do they serve in our lives? There are all kinds of magazines, from the very, very general to the very, very specific. Today I am going to talk about magazines that focus on the world of divination – specifically Tarot, Lenormand, and oracle decks. We are going to look at two publications – The Cartomancer, a print quarterly that will have its birth into the real world in January of 2015, and Attune Magazine, a digital quarterly that has been with us for some time now.

The Cartomancer

The Cartomancer is a print quarterly, founded by Jadzia and Jay DeForest (Devera Publishing). The focus is on Tarot, the Lenormand, and oracle decks. The magazine will include articles, columns, book and deck reviews, art, advertising, and more. In a sense of transparency, I need to tell you that I am on the editorial staff. I will be contributing to the magazine, and I encourage all of you that have something to offer to submit your work too! You can also advertise your work here, which I think is a huge bonus, as the magazine is targeted to a specific audience. I am looking forward to seeing how well this magazine does. For more information, here is the link to The Cartomancer website. There is also a Facebook group that can be found here.

Atune Magazne cover

Attune Magazine is a digital quarterly founded by Mary Nale and Bill Back. The focus is on Tarot, the Lenormand, and oracle decks, as well as other things within the world of divination. The magazine includes articles, columns, book and deck reviews, poetry, videos, advertising, and more. Attune Magazine is also targeted to a specific audience, so advertising here is a bonus for your work. This magazine just keeps getting better and better! or more information, here is the ink to Attune Magazine. They also have a Facebook group which can be found here.

So, why exactly do I find magazines interesting, if not essential? Magazines put in one small space a lot of information on defined topics. I subscribe to fashion magazines, to financial magazines, to whatever magazines ill in the niche where I feel that I need information. I like the mix of text and images in magazines, and the articles are (usually) of a length where I can read  them in one sitting. I have gotten a tremendous amount of ideas from magazines – they have expanded my thinking, and my world. With these two specific magazines, we have the opportunity to express ourselves, and to grow both personally and professionally. I hope that you take the time to check them both out!

(c) 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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Tarot – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


Those who are reading this will most likely be, like me, someone who walks in the world of Tarot. Like any world (professional or non-professional), it has its issues. Lately I have seen more than a few of the shadow sides of Tarot. Cyber bullying, poor business practices, posts on social media sites that are major rants, and that draw commentary that just adds fuel to the fire.

There are real issues out there – people who are known bullies, people who throw their weight around without thought of the consequences, and people that want to out those that connect professionally with less than stellar individuals/organizations.

I don’t think we gain anything in flame wars. We spend way too much time either attacking someone, outing someone, or defending either ourselves, or someone else. There are worlds within worlds in the Tarot community, and we all need to recognize that. Some of the people in those worlds are professionals, some are there to add the study of Tarot to their life skills. We all need to respect each other.

Taking responsibility for ourselves – for what we say, and for our actions – is of paramount importance. Recognize that in the real world we are who we are, but we are also who we associate with. Agreeing to work with a person or organization has consequences. You may view it as a limited connection, perhaps for a specific project. Other people may view it as you aligning yourself with the person or organization that you are working with.

The consequences of working with an individual or organization that is perceived poorly can be far reaching. Your reputation is at stake here, as well as your ability to earn a living. You could very well be boycotted.

Before you decide to enter a project of any kind, take a close look at who you will be working with, and how they are perceived. Use Google to check out everything that you can. Quietly (as in a pm, not a public post) query friends and business acquaintances about any dealings they may have had with the individual or organization. Ask their opinion about what you are considering doing. The decision is yours in the end, but it needs to be an informed decision.

In my opinion, while someone’s work does represent them, so do their actions, and the actions of those they associate with. There are people in the Tarot world that I will not associate with, that I will not work with. I don’t find the need to announce it, but I do feel better for it. I have to look in the mirror every morning, and I don’t want to have any questions about who I am, where I am headed, or what mask I am wearing.

Let’s be real, let’s be transparent, and let’s support each other in an authentic manner.

 © 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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Review – The Tarot Readers Companion

The Tarot Reading Companion

Author: Thirteen
Aeclectic Tarot
ISBN #978-0-9871104-6-6

 Tarot Reading Companion cover

The Tarot Reading Companion is exactly that – a companion on your journey of Tarot reading. Included are both upright and reversed meanings for all 78 cards, instructions on how to read the cards, sample spreads (including one card readings, past/preset/future readings, relationship readings, and the Horseshoe Spread), and a resource guide.

Note: The Tarot card images in this e-book are from the Sacred Isle Tarot, by David Higgins.

The book starts out by noting that the best way to use it is to take in what seems important to you personally. In other words, start wherever you want to start, and go from there. This encourages Tarot students of all levels to make best use of this material. Perhaps you are a beginner, unfamiliar with how to do a reading, and unfamiliar with the card meanings. There is a section on how to read, and sections on both the upright and reversed card meanings. Perhaps you want to go straight to the reversed meanings, or you want to check out the templates for a diverse group of spreads. Or perhaps you want to check out the Tarot resources section. There is no one way to work with this book!

The card meanings are basic meanings, meant to be built upon as you continue your work with the Tarot. It is suggested that the cards have a range of meanings, rather than one specific meaning. The student is encouraged to trust their intuition, and proceed with their studies at their own pace.

Each card is presented with a beautiful, full color illustration, a listing of the common symbols, the basic story, the basic meaning of the card, and Thirteen’s observations about the card.

For The Fool, the common symbols are listed as the Fool in colorful motley, the pack tied to a staff, a small dog, and a cliff. The basic story talks about the journey that the Fool is on. The basic meaning of the card is one of infinite possibilities. In Thirteen’s observations of the Fool, she talks about the Fool ultimately standing for new beginnings, with the Fool representing the querent. The Fool can also be naive, or overly optimistic.

In the section on reading the cards, Thirteen talks about reading with and without a spread, specific card positions within a spread, sequences and patterns, and using the right spread. She then addresses asking the right question, and how Yes/No questions can be limiting. “How”, “What”, and “Why” questions tend to open things up a bit more.

I love that Thirteen addresses doing the same reading over and over again! I feel the same way that she does … you will annoy your cards big time! She also makes the very astute observation that it is best to wait to read for others until you have a good understanding of the card meanings, and feel comfortable working with them.

She also notes that the Tarot reader’s job is to deliver the Tarot’s answer to the querent’s question, not the reader’s answer. Certainly our own perception can act as a filter for interpreting the cards, but the reader really needs to get out of their own way and deliver the message within the cards, the message that spirit wants delivered. Thirteen advises that the reader trust their instincts, and trust their cards. She notes that the cards show the future that the querent is creating for themselves.

Each spread is presented with a sample reading – which is accompanied by full color images of the cards drawn. The deck used, the Sacred Isle Tarot, is absolutely gorgeous!

Under reading reversals, Thirteen notes that three of the most common ways to read them are opposite (the opposite energy to the upright meaning), blockage (the energy of the card is blocked or diminished), and upside-down image.

The resource guide includes asking Thirteen questions on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, suggested decks to use with this book, and sending feedback to Aeclectic Tarot about the book.

I found this to be an easy to use reference book that covers the basics, and will open the door to anyone who wants to learn to read the Tarot.

 © 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without permission of he author.

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Review – Tarot Lovers’ Calendar 2015

Tarot Lovers’ Calendar 2015

Creator: Major Tom Schick
Artists: varied
Independently Published

Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2015 cover

Where to begin … there is nothing that I don’t like about this calendar! I appreciate the size (8.5″ by 11″), the fact that it is spiral bound (ease of use), the fact that it is Tarot themed, and the fact that it highlights different artists every year. Yes, I have followed this deck for years! (It has been available in limited edition for 14 years running!) The quality and intent of the creator, Major Tom Schick, is matched toe to toe by the distributor, Devera Publishing.

This is a highly usable calendar, as well as being a collectible. Every year that I have purchased this deck, I have kept it – this is art presented in a quality format.

This year’s artists include Blue Gene (Astral Scion Tarot),Taylor Ellis (The Ellis Deck), Aquarius Wellbeing (Irish Lenormand), M. M. Meleen (Tabula Mundi Tarot), Heather Mendel (The Syzygy Oracle), Lisa de St, Croix (Tarot de St. Croix), Katrina Wynne (Katrina’s Personal Petite Lenormand), Beth Seilonen (The Compound Tarot),Rachel Paul (The Dark Carnival Tarot), Fionan Benjamin & Nghia Hoang (Lux Ferous Tarot), Eleanor Boyce (The Singing Serpent Tarot), and Gaby Merman (The FaYth Tarot).

Information printed on the calendar includes Full Moon, Last Quarter Moon, New Moon, and First Quarter Moon, as well as dates for meteor showers. The days of the week are listed straight across – Sunday through Saturday, with enough room to make notes for the day. (If you keep your calendars, you then have a collectible history of Tarot artists, and a personal living history through your notes). Also included are the artists name, the name of the deck, when it will become available, and where to find it.

Each deck represented includes full color images, along with a short write-up from the artist. I really liked this, because it allows us to take a short journey into the mindset of the artist, and the creation process for their deck. For example, Blue Gene talks about putting his thoughts about a deck into action when he decided to join the Tarot Deck Creators Facebook group. We find that Taylor Ellis was influenced by David Palladini’s “Aquarian Tarot”, and that Heather Mendel brings together Tarot, Kabbalah, and the Hebrew alphabet to honor the Sacred Feminine.

Among my favorite images is the IV of Pentacles (Blue Gene, Astral Scion Tarot), which features a male figure, in a business suit and bright red tie, pointing out from the card. I also loved the simplicity of Key (Lynn Boyle, The Irish Lenormand), and Reflecting (Heather Mendel, The Syzygy Oracle), which features a beautiful spiders web. Both of the very colorful images from the Dark Carnival Tarot (Rachel Paul) brought a smile to my face!

Some of these decks I have seen on the Internet, some I have in hand, and some are now on my wish list! An incredible journey into art and divination, for a very small price of admission!

 © 2000 – 2015 Bonnie Cehovet

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To App Or Not To App

“To App or Not To App, that is the question”
Shakespeare revised!

Many thanks to Ron Leong (Tarot eCards) for sharing Shakespeare revised and this recurring question! Apps play a huge role in our digital world and have expanded our capabilities to a phenomenal degree. Unfortunately, the Tarot world has not exactly embraced Tarot apps. IMHO, that is a shame since Tarot apps can expand the use and popularity of Tarot. The same people who question why there is a need for more than one Tarot deck, question why there is a need for more than one Tarot app (if they have checked out Tarot apps at all).

Personally, I am an advocate of Tarot apps. I was, shall we say, not quite ready to upgrade my cell, when I came to the conclusion that I needed to do so to investigate the world of Tarot apps. (And other app worlds – my airline boarding passes are now held on my iPhone!) I found a whole new world out there … one that could travel with me!

I discovered different Tarot apps will offer different things. You will see card meanings, various card spreads, the ability to create your own card spread, journaling your readings, the ability to e-mail readings, and at times a link to purchase a given deck. How much or how little you choose to use of each apps capabilities is up to you.

And technology advances are continually being applied to upgrade our Tarot experience. Tarot eCards has created an innovative and unique multi-deck Tarot app where a single app works with all their decks. Their app even allows the user to change and enlarge the type size for better readability, and to magnify the images for selective studying.

Karyn Easton of (along with David Wong) has developed a series of apps for her deck,the Tarot Lovers’ Tarot. This includes “Discover”, which works with Tarot card meanings; “Combine”, which works with Tarot card combinations; “Challenge”, which tests Tarot knowledge; and “Reveal”, which shows your destiny through the Tarot.

I am pleased to see that many of my favorite decks, including the Tarot of the Holy Light, the Shadowscapes Tarot, the Paulina Tarot, the Gaian Tarot, the Hezicos Tarot, the Whispering Tarot, and the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick are available in  a digital version as an app.

You have my views from the point of an end user. I would like to offer you another perspective on Tarot apps, from the point of view of an app developer – Mr. Ron Leong, of Ron believes that Tarot apps are an enabling technology that can enhance the Tarot user experience  and expand the popularity of Tarot. The apps make Tarot convenient to carry around and acquire, easily accessible anytime and anywhere, easy to use and less costly. Apps can bring to the Tarot community out-of-print decks, limited edition titles, and new decks without the expense, hassle and distribution hurdles of printed decks. The Tarot world needs to recognize that apps are a great complement to the printed version, not a replacement. The decision to use apps need not be viewed as an either/or decision but both formats can coexist the way digital music, movies and books exist with the “physical” versions.

You can even try out the Tarot eCards App Free which can be downloaded at – it includes a free copy of RWS2.0 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. Only available for the iPhone and iPad but an Android version will be released soon.

My reviews on the Tarot app world can be found here –, For reviews on specific deck apps, go to my site,

A listing of Tarot card app providers can be found here – Tarot On The Go.

This list, of course, does not include all of the Tarot apps available. To see if a deck that you might be interested in has an app that you can work with, just Google the name of the deck, followed by the word “app”. Magic via the Internet!

The holidays are coming up … this is the first in a series of blogs focusing on what is available in the Tarot world for holiday gifting. I hope that you at least check out the world of Tarot apps … it is a fascinating and empowering world!

Additional Blogs:

Tarot Books:

Tarot Decks:

 © 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.



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Birth Card Pairs – Wheel of Fortune/Magician

Wheel of FOrtune/Magician


The theme for a 10/1 lifetime is that of accepting what fortune brings you, versus creating your own destiny.

The Wheel of Fortune and the Magician act as the gateway into a 10/1 lifetime. The Wheel of Fortune (ruled by Jupiter) is focused on higher ideals, and our sense of purpose in life. It is through Jupiter that we experience our “luck”, or “fortune” in life. Our sense of happiness and fulfillment are things that are ruled by Jupiter, which is an expansive planet that relates to generosity, optimism, and life purpose. It is through Jupiter that we learn to take leaps of faith and face life’s challenges.

The Magician (ruled by Mercury) focuses on intellect, and the mental aspects of life … how we think and communicate. In Greek mythology Mercury is Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In Roman mythology Mercury takes on the qualities of the Trickster.

In a 10/1 lifetime, the path that th individual walks is on that contains the lessons of Destiny (the Wheel of Fortune) versus Personal Will (the Magician). The Wheel of Fortune may contain déjà vu moments … that quality of “Been there, Done that”. The Magician has the power of the four elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) his disposal. His motto is “As Above, So Below”. The Magician (Magus) is very adept at using his skills and abilities to manifest whatever he places his focus on.

Astrological Associations:

Wheel of Fortune: Jupiter
Magician: Mercury


Wheel of Fortune: destiny, a fortunate turn of events, progress, adapting to change, resistance to change, a negative turn of events

Magician: power, new project, new phase of life, new beginning, skill, confidence, self-reliance, intelligence, energy disrupted, lack of will, lack of focus, delusions of grandeur, unreliability, trickery, indecision, poor self-image

How Does A 10/1 Individual Empower Themselves?

Personal empowerment is the ability to our personal and spiritual energy in a manner that enhances how we experience our life. As we define our true power, we actualize our potential, and begin to live life from a core of inner confidence.

In empowering ourselves, we set the conditions so that we can:

* Find our own unique voice.
* Take charge of making our own decisions … not allowing other people’s wishes/needs to overpower our own.
* Understand why we are dissatisfied with our life, and determine what will give us a feeling of satisfaction.
* Take control of our life … make the impact that we wish to make on the world.
* Integrate ourselves within our local and global communities.
* Be proud to be the person orchestrating our own life.
* Know that we have the ability to manifest our own life.
* Make life transitions easily.

Questions to ask ourselves focusing on the Wheel of Fortune:

* How do you view change in your life?
* Are you flowing with the changes around you, or are you fighting them?
* Can you see how your actions brought you to where you are at this point in time?
* Are the changes in your life broadening your perspective?

Questions to ask ourselves focusing on the Magician:

* What skills and abilities do you carry?
* What are your goals?
* Are you clear about your goals?
* How do you communicate with others?
* Where are you focusing your energy?
* What wisdom do you wish to share?


The Wheel of Fortune is all about destiny, change, and forward movement. Here are a few sample affirmations for the Wheel of Fortune:

* I move forward with confidence and determination.
* I am at peace with the changes in my life.
* I adapt well to change.
* I see everything that comes to me as a positive lesson.
* I have faith that everything happens for a reason.
* I understand that life is a process, and that change brings new understanding.
* I release that which no longer serves me well with love and respect.
* I freely let go of my will for Divine purpose.
* I live in the present … even when the present is changing.

The Magician is all about skill, abilities, confidence, and manifestation. Here are a few sample affirmations for the Magician:
* Whatever I focus on with intent and will, I have the ability to manifest.
* I use my skills and abilities wisely.
* I channel the Divine into everything that I create.
I am comfortable working with my creative energy.
* I focus my intention on my passions in life.
* I take responsibility for that which I create.
* I accept the success that follows my actions.
* I shine the light of the Divine into all of my work.
* My experience serves me well.
* I see clearly accepting my visions.


Wheel of Fortune:

Gifts: Developing a sense of detachment, seeing the bigger picture of your life, finding the serenity at the center of the wheel, understanding that life is not random, the ability to focus your energy, the ability to visualize and create

Abilities: The ability to find your own inner strength, and to move with the ebb and flow of life.

Challenges: Adjusting to the ups and downs of life, moving out of the victim mentality. Inability to recognize opportunities.


Gifts: Making informed decisions, taking focused actions, the ability to focus your energy, the ability to visualize and create your own reality.

Abilities: The ability to manifest whatever one needs to accomplish ones goals.

Challenges: To be able to believe in one’s self, to stay focused, to avoid being deceitful, the inability to complete what one starts, hidden motivation, lack of motivation.

Template For Working With Gifts/Abilities/Challenges:

* Define the area or issue being worked with.
* Define which Birth Card energies are involved.
* Define where on the spectrum of the Birth Card the energy is manifesting. (Very positive to very negative.)
* Define whether the energy is being manifested, blocked, or simply not being recognized.
* Define what type of energy is needed to bring the Seeker back into balance.
* Looking at both of the Seeker’s Birth Cards, determine which gifts/abilities can best be used to return the * Seeker to a balanced state.


The focus in a 10/1 lifetime is between the energy of accepting what fortune brings to you and creating, through your own will, the destiny that you wish. In working to create your own destiny, you ned to be sure that you are working with skills and abilities that are truly yours … that you are not deceiving yourself.

It is important to recognize when destiny is preordained … when the Wheel of Fortune is acting in your life. If this is the case, we need to learn to accept it. Fighting destiny prolongs the space you are in, and the issues you are facing. Accepting destiny bring you to a place where you can begin to manifest your own will again.

Answering the following questions may help you to see where you are in the cycle of life:

* How do you feel about your life?
* Are you living an authentic life … does your belief system work for you?
* Are your actions in alignment with your beliefs?
* Are your actions manifesting the results you would like to see?
* Do you relate well to yourself?
* Do you know why you draw the people and issues to you that you do?
* How do you define success?
* Are you seeing success, as you define it, in your life?
* If you are not seeing success, why not? Are you not focused? Are you not setting clear goals? Are you not following through with your actions?
* Is there a good balance between your ability to accept change and your need to create change?
* Are you focused in your relationships?
* Are you able to accept responsibility for your words and actions?
* Are you able to speak up for yourself, clearly and concisely?
* Do you relate well to others?
* Do you have a need to deceive yourself or others?
* What place does Spirit have in your life?
* How do you relate within your home? Within your workplace? Within your community?
* What is your purpose int his lifetime? What are you questing for?
* What are you ending, and what are you beginning?
* What place does change have in your life?
* What place does creative force have in your life?

The one thing that will make it easier to recognize and work with any issue that comes out of your responses above is self-confidence. To empower yourself, you need to be self-confident. You need to know that you alone have the power to manifest directed change in your life.

How we see ourselves is a huge factor in how well we are going to succeed. What big dreams have you gone after? If you have chosen not to go after your big dreams, what was your reason? What held you back?

Every time we make a choice, we are tapping into our belief system. In a 10/1 lifetime, the Seeker views their belief system through the dual lens of the cycles of fortune (The Wheel of Fortune), and intense will, driving the need to create (the Magician). Is your belief system serving you well? Are there some beliefs that you may need to release? Are there new beliefs that you may need to embrace?

Have you chosen to work with your affirmations? Are you wording them as strongly as possible? Are you working with them over a period of 21 days? What changes do you see manifesting from this work? What changes still need to be mad?

We fine tune our lives on a continuing basis. Once we have defined our passion, and our life purpose, everything we do needs to be in alignment with them. As we learn and grow, we release that which no longer serves us well … and we open up to bigger dreams! We need to challenge ourselves to keep the balance in our lives. We need to be the best that we can be, and commit to taking informed action to accomplish our goals.

Do not be afraid to look at your fears, at what may be blocking your progress. Look at these fears through the lens of your Birth Cards, as this is where your answers lie. The Wheel of Fortune and the Magician are powerful forces, constantly challenging you, and moving you forward. The Wheel of Fortune asks that you accept destiny, that you recognize that there is a bigger plan, and that you are part of it. The Magician allows you to access inner resources, and use your focused will to manifest your visions. In understanding yourself, you will be able to easily know when the Wheel of Fortune is at work in your life, and when the Magician has stepped in to take his rightful place.

(c) March 2014 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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Review – The Syzygy Oracle -

The Syzygy Oracle -

Transformational Tarot

And The Tree of Life

Author: Heather Mendel
Artist: Heather Mendel
Dodona Books
ISBN #978-1-78279-160-7

Heather Cover

“The Syzygy Oracle” is a thirty-two card deck based on the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and the ten sefirot of the Tree of Life. It carries a strong connection between the Tarot and the Kabbalah (the Hebrew letters and the pathways on the Tree of Life), and the Sacred Feminine.

“Syzygy” (pronounced “scissor gee”) is a term that Jung used to describe the balancing of opposites. Astronomically, the term refers to a specific conjunction of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. From the back of the book: “Solar energy evolves the ego and lunar energy evolves our essence. We learn to balance the two as we travel the twenty-two pathway’s of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life.”

I am impressed with the honoring of the Sacred Feminine in this book. It is offered as a spiritual practice, rather than simply a concept. When we involve something as a spiritual practice, we take it deeply into our life. It “becomes us”. In the case of the Sacred Feminine, we are opening ourselves to intuitive wisdom. Here, the patriarchal lineage of the cards has been lifted and reinterpreted from a feminine perspective. Through aligning with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, we access three levels of soul consciousness: known in Hebrew as nefesh, ruach, and neshamah. The reader/Seeker works through meditations and mantras. The ten sefirot cards represent energy centers, presenting the Tree of Life as an experiential introduction to Kabbalah.

The cards and the two hundred and thirty-three page companion book are purchased separately, although I am reviewing them together. In her introduction, Mendel notes that the spiritual journey depicted in the “Syzygy Oracle” offers a pathway and practice for the contemporary seeker who is willing to acknowledge and honor the darkness as the primal and necessary backdrop to light and life. Once we are awakened, we honor the knowledge that life is deeper, richer, and stronger than it appears on the surface.

In using the oracle, Mendel encourages the reader to a personal practice of gaining insight and wisdom from the cards. If the reader/seeker does not own the deck, there is the ability to visit her website (www,, or, fill out the form, and download a black and white set of illustrations that can be pasted onto index cards.

Another method would be to take blank index cards and number them one through thirty-two. The card backs can be left blank, or decorated in a manner pleasing to the reader/seeker.

For the creative reader/seeker, number a deck of plain playing cards, then decorate each card with a collage or series of words that apply to the teaching. The card backs can be left plain, or decorated.

If the reader/seeker is reading from their own deck, it is suggested that they compare the card with the illustration in the book. Read the chapter, and see what themes develop.

In this deck, nefesh is accessed through the assigned letter of the Hebrew alphabet, ruach through its number, and neshama through its stories. Each card offers a theme, and a mantra for meditation.

The five major ways that this oracle differs from other Tarot oracles are given as:

  1. the naming and numbering of each card
  2. the association with a specific pathway on the Tree of Life
  3. the assignation of an archetypal mentor and circumstance
  4. the triple level of Soul reading – nefesh, ruach, and neshama
  5. the association with a specific essential oil

Charts are given for associations with: Card/Theme/Rider-Waite/Hebrew letter, Card/Hebrew Letter/Pathway on the Tree of Life, Card/Archetype/Mentor and Symbol.

The structure of a reading is through letter, number, and story. Nefesh relates to the physical realm, ruach to the perception of pattern that is intrinsic and instinctual, and neshama to the emotional realm.

The Prolog presents a beautiful story about Alef, the Light of Being, sitting with God. “Do not eat the fruit until you are ready for all that lif e has to offer. Are you ready?”

Each Tarot card is presented with a full-page black and white scan, a Theme, Mantra, Archetype, Mentor, Essential Oil, and the traditional Tarot card that it is associated with. The card and how it operates is discussed, along with the function of the Archetypal Mentor, the associated pathway on the Tree of Life, a short summary, questions for the reader/seeker to ask themselves, and a meditation.

Each of the ten sefirot are presented with a full-page black and white scan, the name of the pathway, the keyword, what the pillar represents, a discussion of the energy, and a short paragraph on how the reader/seeker can put this energy to use in their life. The image for each of the sefirot is a mandala created from photographs of flowers from Mendel’s own garden, and from her travels. Running along the outside of the mandala are keywords for that specific sefirot.


The cards themselves are 2 ¾” by 4 ¾”, of quality card stock. The backs are bright red, with a center mandala comprised of quite an interesting black and white shadow profiles, with a bright red apple, with a green leaf, sitting between them. The backs are not reversible, as the cards are not meant to be read with reversals.

The card faces show a black background, with the images built up over that. The twenty-two Tarot cards show the card name at the top of the card, the card number in the lower left hand corner, the theme in the middle, and the Hebrew Letter in the lower right hand corner. The ten sefirot cards show the keyword for the card at the top, and the sefirot number across the bottom.

img031I love the imagery that is used in these cards. Inverting (The Hanging Man) shows a figure in the traditional head down position. In this card, the figure is located between two trees. The hands are held behind the back, the right leg crossed at the knee behind the left leg. The sun shines fully in the upper right hand corner of the card.


Releasing (Death) shows the white skeleton of a tree on the left hand side of the card, one small green leaf appearing above her. In the middle we see the web of life, a ball comprised of the thread of life, and a small pair of scissors – the Archetype of this card is the Three Fates who spin, measure, and cut the thread of life we live..In the middle of the web we see an etemality of the serpent. Under the web we see a bereft feminine figure, seated, with her head forward, over her knees. In the East are two colorful circles representing the multiple potentials of a new dawn as the sun rises, behind a grid composed of the Hebrew letter “nun” which is associated with this card. the figure


Constricting (The Devil) shows a female figure, blindfolded, standing at the crossroads, in front of a mirrored pillar. The sacred geometric torus spins around her representing her own fears that blind and paralyse her. White light shines down on her from both sides of the card. An owl sits on top of the pillar, and the recurring grid is composed of the Hebrew letter “ayin” (the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet) is superimposed over all of the images..


Becoming (The World) shows a female figure, dancing on a spiral of stairs. The night sky is behind her, with the sun and the moon being one. She holds an ankh  in her right hand. A white pyramid stand beneath her, with a mandala painted on it.  From her heart center a spiral of joy radiates outward.


The mandala for the sefirot Harmony is made up of lovely pink flowers. The keywords surrounding it include Harmony Celebrate Diversity, and Sanctify Life, in a continuing pattern.

This deck is meant to be used for spiritual study, for personal empowerment, and for understanding the Sacred Feminine. It can be used for divination, but that is not the intent. I found the book to be well written, and the cards to have great depth through their combination of imagery. Two thumbs up!

Card/Theme/Rider-Waite/Hebrew Letter:

Initiating/I trust/The Fool/Alef

Focusing/I believe/The Magician/Bet

Allowing/I await/The High Priestess/Gimel

Nurturing/I love/The Empress/Daled

Structuring/I organize/The Emperor/Hey

Attending/I listen/The Hierophant/Vav

Acknowledging/I respond/The Lovers/Zayin

Balancing/I embody/The Chariot/Chet

Discerning/I distinguish/Strength/Tet

Questing/I seek/The Hermit/Yud

Revolving/I return/The Wheel/Kaf

Harnessing/I control/Justice/Lamed

Inverting/I surrender/The Hanging Man/Mem

Releasing/I yield/Death/Nun

Transmuting/I transform/Temperance/Samech

Constricting/I review/The Devil/Ayin

Revealing/I discover/The Tower/Pey

Contemplating/I meditate/The Star/Tzaddi

Reflecting/I imagine/The Moon/Kaf

Illuminating/I resonate/The Sun/Resh

Realizing/I accomplish/Judgment/Shin

Becoming/I dance/The World/Tav

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