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Birth Card Pairs – Wheel of Fortune/Magician

Wheel of FOrtune/Magician


The theme for a 10/1 lifetime is that of accepting what fortune brings you, versus creating your own destiny.

The Wheel of Fortune and the Magician act as the gateway into a 10/1 lifetime. The Wheel of Fortune (ruled by Jupiter) is focused on higher ideals, and our sense of purpose in life. It is through Jupiter that we experience our “luck”, or “fortune” in life. Our sense of happiness and fulfillment are things that are ruled by Jupiter, which is an expansive planet that relates to generosity, optimism, and life purpose. It is through Jupiter that we learn to take leaps of faith and face life’s challenges.

The Magician (ruled by Mercury) focuses on intellect, and the mental aspects of life … how we think and communicate. In Greek mythology Mercury is Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In Roman mythology Mercury takes on the qualities of the Trickster.

In a 10/1 lifetime, the path that th individual walks is on that contains the lessons of Destiny (the Wheel of Fortune) versus Personal Will (the Magician). The Wheel of Fortune may contain déjà vu moments … that quality of “Been there, Done that”. The Magician has the power of the four elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) his disposal. His motto is “As Above, So Below”. The Magician (Magus) is very adept at using his skills and abilities to manifest whatever he places his focus on.

Astrological Associations:

Wheel of Fortune: Jupiter
Magician: Mercury


Wheel of Fortune: destiny, a fortunate turn of events, progress, adapting to change, resistance to change, a negative turn of events

Magician: power, new project, new phase of life, new beginning, skill, confidence, self-reliance, intelligence, energy disrupted, lack of will, lack of focus, delusions of grandeur, unreliability, trickery, indecision, poor self-image

How Does A 10/1 Individual Empower Themselves?

Personal empowerment is the ability to our personal and spiritual energy in a manner that enhances how we experience our life. As we define our true power, we actualize our potential, and begin to live life from a core of inner confidence.

In empowering ourselves, we set the conditions so that we can:

* Find our own unique voice.
* Take charge of making our own decisions … not allowing other people’s wishes/needs to overpower our own.
* Understand why we are dissatisfied with our life, and determine what will give us a feeling of satisfaction.
* Take control of our life … make the impact that we wish to make on the world.
* Integrate ourselves within our local and global communities.
* Be proud to be the person orchestrating our own life.
* Know that we have the ability to manifest our own life.
* Make life transitions easily.

Questions to ask ourselves focusing on the Wheel of Fortune:

* How do you view change in your life?
* Are you flowing with the changes around you, or are you fighting them?
* Can you see how your actions brought you to where you are at this point in time?
* Are the changes in your life broadening your perspective?

Questions to ask ourselves focusing on the Magician:

* What skills and abilities do you carry?
* What are your goals?
* Are you clear about your goals?
* How do you communicate with others?
* Where are you focusing your energy?
* What wisdom do you wish to share?


The Wheel of Fortune is all about destiny, change, and forward movement. Here are a few sample affirmations for the Wheel of Fortune:

* I move forward with confidence and determination.
* I am at peace with the changes in my life.
* I adapt well to change.
* I see everything that comes to me as a positive lesson.
* I have faith that everything happens for a reason.
* I understand that life is a process, and that change brings new understanding.
* I release that which no longer serves me well with love and respect.
* I freely let go of my will for Divine purpose.
* I live in the present … even when the present is changing.

The Magician is all about skill, abilities, confidence, and manifestation. Here are a few sample affirmations for the Magician:
* Whatever I focus on with intent and will, I have the ability to manifest.
* I use my skills and abilities wisely.
* I channel the Divine into everything that I create.
I am comfortable working with my creative energy.
* I focus my intention on my passions in life.
* I take responsibility for that which I create.
* I accept the success that follows my actions.
* I shine the light of the Divine into all of my work.
* My experience serves me well.
* I see clearly accepting my visions.


Wheel of Fortune:

Gifts: Developing a sense of detachment, seeing the bigger picture of your life, finding the serenity at the center of the wheel, understanding that life is not random, the ability to focus your energy, the ability to visualize and create

Abilities: The ability to find your own inner strength, and to move with the ebb and flow of life.

Challenges: Adjusting to the ups and downs of life, moving out of the victim mentality. Inability to recognize opportunities.


Gifts: Making informed decisions, taking focused actions, the ability to focus your energy, the ability to visualize and create your own reality.

Abilities: The ability to manifest whatever one needs to accomplish ones goals.

Challenges: To be able to believe in one’s self, to stay focused, to avoid being deceitful, the inability to complete what one starts, hidden motivation, lack of motivation.

Template For Working With Gifts/Abilities/Challenges:

* Define the area or issue being worked with.
* Define which Birth Card energies are involved.
* Define where on the spectrum of the Birth Card the energy is manifesting. (Very positive to very negative.)
* Define whether the energy is being manifested, blocked, or simply not being recognized.
* Define what type of energy is needed to bring the Seeker back into balance.
* Looking at both of the Seeker’s Birth Cards, determine which gifts/abilities can best be used to return the * Seeker to a balanced state.


The focus in a 10/1 lifetime is between the energy of accepting what fortune brings to you and creating, through your own will, the destiny that you wish. In working to create your own destiny, you ned to be sure that you are working with skills and abilities that are truly yours … that you are not deceiving yourself.

It is important to recognize when destiny is preordained … when the Wheel of Fortune is acting in your life. If this is the case, we need to learn to accept it. Fighting destiny prolongs the space you are in, and the issues you are facing. Accepting destiny bring you to a place where you can begin to manifest your own will again.

Answering the following questions may help you to see where you are in the cycle of life:

* How do you feel about your life?
* Are you living an authentic life … does your belief system work for you?
* Are your actions in alignment with your beliefs?
* Are your actions manifesting the results you would like to see?
* Do you relate well to yourself?
* Do you know why you draw the people and issues to you that you do?
* How do you define success?
* Are you seeing success, as you define it, in your life?
* If you are not seeing success, why not? Are you not focused? Are you not setting clear goals? Are you not following through with your actions?
* Is there a good balance between your ability to accept change and your need to create change?
* Are you focused in your relationships?
* Are you able to accept responsibility for your words and actions?
* Are you able to speak up for yourself, clearly and concisely?
* Do you relate well to others?
* Do you have a need to deceive yourself or others?
* What place does Spirit have in your life?
* How do you relate within your home? Within your workplace? Within your community?
* What is your purpose int his lifetime? What are you questing for?
* What are you ending, and what are you beginning?
* What place does change have in your life?
* What place does creative force have in your life?

The one thing that will make it easier to recognize and work with any issue that comes out of your responses above is self-confidence. To empower yourself, you need to be self-confident. You need to know that you alone have the power to manifest directed change in your life.

How we see ourselves is a huge factor in how well we are going to succeed. What big dreams have you gone after? If you have chosen not to go after your big dreams, what was your reason? What held you back?

Every time we make a choice, we are tapping into our belief system. In a 10/1 lifetime, the Seeker views their belief system through the dual lens of the cycles of fortune (The Wheel of Fortune), and intense will, driving the need to create (the Magician). Is your belief system serving you well? Are there some beliefs that you may need to release? Are there new beliefs that you may need to embrace?

Have you chosen to work with your affirmations? Are you wording them as strongly as possible? Are you working with them over a period of 21 days? What changes do you see manifesting from this work? What changes still need to be mad?

We fine tune our lives on a continuing basis. Once we have defined our passion, and our life purpose, everything we do needs to be in alignment with them. As we learn and grow, we release that which no longer serves us well … and we open up to bigger dreams! We need to challenge ourselves to keep the balance in our lives. We need to be the best that we can be, and commit to taking informed action to accomplish our goals.

Do not be afraid to look at your fears, at what may be blocking your progress. Look at these fears through the lens of your Birth Cards, as this is where your answers lie. The Wheel of Fortune and the Magician are powerful forces, constantly challenging you, and moving you forward. The Wheel of Fortune asks that you accept destiny, that you recognize that there is a bigger plan, and that you are part of it. The Magician allows you to access inner resources, and use your focused will to manifest your visions. In understanding yourself, you will be able to easily know when the Wheel of Fortune is at work in your life, and when the Magician has stepped in to take his rightful place.

(c) March 2014 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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Review – The Syzygy Oracle -

The Syzygy Oracle -

Transformational Tarot

And The Tree of Life

Author: Heather Mendel
Artist: Heather Mendel
Dodona Books
ISBN #978-1-78279-160-7

Heather Cover

“The Syzygy Oracle” is a thirty-two card deck based on the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and the ten sefirot of the Tree of Life. It carries a strong connection between the Tarot and the Kabbalah (the Hebrew letters and the pathways on the Tree of Life), and the Sacred Feminine.

“Syzygy” (pronounced “scissor gee”) is a term that Jung used to describe the balancing of opposites. Astronomically, the term refers to a specific conjunction of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. From the back of the book: “Solar energy evolves the ego and lunar energy evolves our essence. We learn to balance the two as we travel the twenty-two pathway’s of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life.”

I am impressed with the honoring of the Sacred Feminine in this book. It is offered as a spiritual practice, rather than simply a concept. When we involve something as a spiritual practice, we take it deeply into our life. It “becomes us”. In the case of the Sacred Feminine, we are opening ourselves to intuitive wisdom. Here, the patriarchal lineage of the cards has been lifted and reinterpreted from a feminine perspective. Through aligning with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, we access three levels of soul consciousness: known in Hebrew as nefesh, ruach, and neshamah. The reader/Seeker works through meditations and mantras. The ten sefirot cards represent energy centers, presenting the Tree of Life as an experiential introduction to Kabbalah.

The cards and the two hundred and thirty-three page companion book are purchased separately, although I am reviewing them together. In her introduction, Mendel notes that the spiritual journey depicted in the “Syzygy Oracle” offers a pathway and practice for the contemporary seeker who is willing to acknowledge and honor the darkness as the primal and necessary backdrop to light and life. Once we are awakened, we honor the knowledge that life is deeper, richer, and stronger than it appears on the surface.

In using the oracle, Mendel encourages the reader to a personal practice of gaining insight and wisdom from the cards. If the reader/seeker does not own the deck, there is the ability to visit her website (www,, or, fill out the form, and download a black and white set of illustrations that can be pasted onto index cards.

Another method would be to take blank index cards and number them one through thirty-two. The card backs can be left blank, or decorated in a manner pleasing to the reader/seeker.

For the creative reader/seeker, number a deck of plain playing cards, then decorate each card with a collage or series of words that apply to the teaching. The card backs can be left plain, or decorated.

If the reader/seeker is reading from their own deck, it is suggested that they compare the card with the illustration in the book. Read the chapter, and see what themes develop.

In this deck, nefesh is accessed through the assigned letter of the Hebrew alphabet, ruach through its number, and neshama through its stories. Each card offers a theme, and a mantra for meditation.

The five major ways that this oracle differs from other Tarot oracles are given as:

  1. the naming and numbering of each card
  2. the association with a specific pathway on the Tree of Life
  3. the assignation of an archetypal mentor and circumstance
  4. the triple level of Soul reading – nefesh, ruach, and neshama
  5. the association with a specific essential oil

Charts are given for associations with: Card/Theme/Rider-Waite/Hebrew letter, Card/Hebrew Letter/Pathway on the Tree of Life, Card/Archetype/Mentor and Symbol.

The structure of a reading is through letter, number, and story. Nefesh relates to the physical realm, ruach to the perception of pattern that is intrinsic and instinctual, and neshama to the emotional realm.

The Prolog presents a beautiful story about Alef, the Light of Being, sitting with God. “Do not eat the fruit until you are ready for all that lif e has to offer. Are you ready?”

Each Tarot card is presented with a full-page black and white scan, a Theme, Mantra, Archetype, Mentor, Essential Oil, and the traditional Tarot card that it is associated with. The card and how it operates is discussed, along with the function of the Archetypal Mentor, the associated pathway on the Tree of Life, a short summary, questions for the reader/seeker to ask themselves, and a meditation.

Each of the ten sefirot are presented with a full-page black and white scan, the name of the pathway, the keyword, what the pillar represents, a discussion of the energy, and a short paragraph on how the reader/seeker can put this energy to use in their life. The image for each of the sefirot is a mandala created from photographs of flowers from Mendel’s own garden, and from her travels. Running along the outside of the mandala are keywords for that specific sefirot.


The cards themselves are 2 ¾” by 4 ¾”, of quality card stock. The backs are bright red, with a center mandala comprised of quite an interesting black and white shadow profiles, with a bright red apple, with a green leaf, sitting between them. The backs are not reversible, as the cards are not meant to be read with reversals.

The card faces show a black background, with the images built up over that. The twenty-two Tarot cards show the card name at the top of the card, the card number in the lower left hand corner, the theme in the middle, and the Hebrew Letter in the lower right hand corner. The ten sefirot cards show the keyword for the card at the top, and the sefirot number across the bottom.

img031I love the imagery that is used in these cards. Inverting (The Hanging Man) shows a figure in the traditional head down position. In this card, the figure is located between two trees. The hands are held behind the back, the right leg crossed at the knee behind the left leg. The sun shines fully in the upper right hand corner of the card.


Releasing (Death) shows the white skeleton of a tree on the left hand side of the card, one small green leaf appearing above her. In the middle we see the web of life, a ball comprised of the thread of life, and a small pair of scissors – the Archetype of this card is the Three Fates who spin, measure, and cut the thread of life we live..In the middle of the web we see an etemality of the serpent. Under the web we see a bereft feminine figure, seated, with her head forward, over her knees. In the East are two colorful circles representing the multiple potentials of a new dawn as the sun rises, behind a grid composed of the Hebrew letter “nun” which is associated with this card. the figure


Constricting (The Devil) shows a female figure, blindfolded, standing at the crossroads, in front of a mirrored pillar. The sacred geometric torus spins around her representing her own fears that blind and paralyse her. White light shines down on her from both sides of the card. An owl sits on top of the pillar, and the recurring grid is composed of the Hebrew letter “ayin” (the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet) is superimposed over all of the images..


Becoming (The World) shows a female figure, dancing on a spiral of stairs. The night sky is behind her, with the sun and the moon being one. She holds an ankh  in her right hand. A white pyramid stand beneath her, with a mandala painted on it.  From her heart center a spiral of joy radiates outward.


The mandala for the sefirot Harmony is made up of lovely pink flowers. The keywords surrounding it include Harmony Celebrate Diversity, and Sanctify Life, in a continuing pattern.

This deck is meant to be used for spiritual study, for personal empowerment, and for understanding the Sacred Feminine. It can be used for divination, but that is not the intent. I found the book to be well written, and the cards to have great depth through their combination of imagery. Two thumbs up!

Card/Theme/Rider-Waite/Hebrew Letter:

Initiating/I trust/The Fool/Alef

Focusing/I believe/The Magician/Bet

Allowing/I await/The High Priestess/Gimel

Nurturing/I love/The Empress/Daled

Structuring/I organize/The Emperor/Hey

Attending/I listen/The Hierophant/Vav

Acknowledging/I respond/The Lovers/Zayin

Balancing/I embody/The Chariot/Chet

Discerning/I distinguish/Strength/Tet

Questing/I seek/The Hermit/Yud

Revolving/I return/The Wheel/Kaf

Harnessing/I control/Justice/Lamed

Inverting/I surrender/The Hanging Man/Mem

Releasing/I yield/Death/Nun

Transmuting/I transform/Temperance/Samech

Constricting/I review/The Devil/Ayin

Revealing/I discover/The Tower/Pey

Contemplating/I meditate/The Star/Tzaddi

Reflecting/I imagine/The Moon/Kaf

Illuminating/I resonate/The Sun/Resh

Realizing/I accomplish/Judgment/Shin

Becoming/I dance/The World/Tav

© 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.

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Review – The Phuture Tarot App

The Phuture Tarot App

Updated Dec 2 2013
Version 2.1.1
Size: 25.9 MB
Language: English
Seller: Phuture Me Ltd.


Requires iOS7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone5.

The Phuture Tarot App is part of the services offered through the website. It is free to download on iTunes, and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is defined as a Tarot eco-system of Tarot decks, Tarot Spreads, Tarot Card look-up references, Tarot Readers, & Tarot Artists. It is a Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology all in one app. Two digital decks are included free with this app: the Soprafino Tarot, the Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot, and the Aquatic Tarot. Available for purchase are digital versions of The Short Hand Tarot, the BlueDogRose Tarot, the Tarot of the Apocalypse.  Packs of credits in the amounts of 1488, 1799, 2099, 2999, and 3599 are available for purchase.

The following review is based on the app usage with an iPhone.

Two things that I find disconcerting about this app – the spelling of “Phuture” (it is one of those things that gets on my last nerve …but has nothing to do with what the app offers!), and the iPhone icon for the app, which is the outline of a head, with the word “Tarot” under it. All of my other Tarot apps let me know what they are, by name. Again, this has nothing to do with the performance of the app, but it also gets on my last nerve!

The landing page for the app gives four choices: Numerology, Tarot, Account, and Forecasting. In the bottom left hand corner is a link to a page that asks if you like the app, or if you have found a problem with it. I found this to be both useful and thoughtful on the part of the designers.

The bottom right hand corner of the landing page takes the user to Settings, where they can put a Passcode Lock on, get notification of a daily forecast (and set the time for the forecast),  set the choice for card selection and deck animation, set the date for the Essence influence in numerology, check out the White Magic and Wedding Date Numerology apps, go to the apps comments page, check out Tips, Tricks, & FAQ, access the acknowledgements page, and read the terms and conditions of use. The designer of this app is Mr. George M. Taylor. In his acknowledgements, he includes the individuals that created specific Tarot spreads, gives Tarot card reference bookmarks, and very importantly give a nod to individuals and sites that have been helpful with software advice. Last, but not least, there are links provided to the Phuture Facebook Fan Page, and their Twitter page.

Under the Numerology link the user is asked for their full name, and date of birth. From there, they can click on Life’s Cycles & Destiny, Name Analysis, and Essence. Under Life’s Path & Cycles, were the 11 and 22 cycle, Life’s Pinnacles, and a listing of three Life’s Challenges. There was a short, interesting, and accurate (I have lived long enough to have been through a lot of cycles!) write-up on each. Quite a good place to get some basic in on how numerology plays out in your life.

Under Name Analysis, we see Expression, Inner Dreams, Soul’s Urge, and Subconscious Self, as well as 2 Karmic Lessons. Again, short but accurate write-ups. For whatever reason, I could not get Essence to work.

Tapping on the icon in the upper left hand side of the screen takes you back to the landing screen. Tapping on the icon on the upper right hand side of the screen takes you to the commentary page on the app, where you can “like” it, or share any issues that you may be having.

Clicking on the Tarot app takes you to a page where you can see all spreads, see your favorite spreads, and see your saved spreads. The categories for the spreads are General (which includes the Celtic Cross, Astrology 12 House, and Alchemist’s spreads), Forecasting (which includes Past/Present/Future, Week Ahead, Month Ahead, and Year Ahead), Love and Relationships (which includes Future Romance, Me and my Ex, and The Other Woman), Career (which includes Career SWOT analysis), Health (which includes Health problem, and Weight Loss), Spirituality (which includes the Tree of Life, and the Chakra’s), and the ability to create your own spread, using the following parameters: 1 card, 2 card, 3 card, 4 cards (1 X 4), 5 cards (1 X 5), 6 cards (2 X 3), 7 cards (H), 8 cards (2 X 4), and 9 cards (3 X 3).

The upper left hand corner shows a link that will take the user back to the Tarot page, while the upper right hand corner shows a link that will take the user to a page where they can create their own Tarot spreads.

Under decks, the options are Intuitive Select, Rider Waite Tarot (1909), or browse decks. There is the ability on the next page to add decks from the Phuture Tarot store. Clicking on a deck will take the user to a screen with links to each of the suits. From this page, individual cards can be clicked on. Each individual card shows a color scan, links to Wikipedia, Aeclectic Tarot, and Biddy Tarot, a description of the card and its energy, and an excerpt from “The Pictorial Key To The Tarot” (Arthur Edward Waite, 1911).

Under Card Backs, the user can choose the default setting, or the Enlighten setting.

Under Readings, the user can choose Tarot Readers, or My Readings. My Readings leads to a page where the user is shown what to expect from a digital reading from one of Phuture Me’s Tarot readers. Under Tarot Readers,  a list of available readers comes up, with a listing of their status (available or not available), their experience, attributes, specialties, languages, how long they have been a member, and the time frame they can be expected to respond within. There is a link to their Introduction (which is basically their bio), a link to the Tarot spreads that they read, the Tarot decks that they read, and client testimonials.

Under Account, the user can create an account, check their password, check for Tarot Readers, and access the Tarot Readings disclaimer.

Under Forecasting, the user will see the current date, the sign that the Sun is in, and the degrees for that sign, the waxing/waning status, and the sign the Moon is in, with the degrees for that sign. Information is provided for the user’s Personal Day, Personal Month, and Personal year. I found all of this information both interesting and accurate.

There are also links to Tarot Event Timing, and a specific Tarot Timing spread. Under the link for Today’s Tarot Card, the user has the option of choosing a card for that day only, or for the week ahead. Under Tarot Trends, the user will see Lunar Month Trends and All Time Trends.

This is a bit of a complicated app, but if you follow the links, and pay attention, you will get the responses that you are looking for. I did not choose to create an account, so I cannot speak to the ability of the readers. Nor do I feel that a reading from one reader should reflect on the entire app. The app is free for download, and there are many usable sections to it, without having to create an account.

© 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

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Review – Area 52

Area 52 – 2014

52 Weeks of Tarot day by day

Author: Jordan Hoggard
Artist: Jordan Hoggard
The Divination Studio

Area 52

Many of us know Jordan Hoggard as the creator of “Tarot In the Land of Mystereum”. With unparalleled vision, and a wicked sense of humor, he gifted the Tarot world with a very edgy tool of self-empowerment. He has taken us many places with this deck … now he is taking us into Area 52! Oh … It isn’t this Area 52?

<Regrouping>Ahem. “This” Area 52 is a daily resource, combining Tarot and astrology to help guide the Seeker through their day. My personal suggestion would be to keep a journal for the coming year, noting the wisdom in this book as it plays out in your life. And remember … we all have choices, we are the architect of our own life! (Yes, that was a nod to the architect in Jordan, and how he translates that into real life.) Our daily choices are the small steps that we take on manifesting our life purpose, and staying on our path.

In his Introduction, Jordan suggests that the Seeker pull out the cards for their day from their favorite deck as they read their daily TarotScopes … it gives a visual on the day ahead, to go with the written information. My own suggestion here is that you may also want to use a deck that you are just becoming familiar with, or a deck that you are perhaps “at odds” with. Or do it in comparative style, and use more than one deck. Jordan is sneaky … he also suggests that the Seeker may want to draw extra cards to expand those presented in the book each day.

“Monthly Court Card Couplings” are also discussed in the introduction. It is suggested that the Seeker combine them with the “Annual Earth Card”. Jordan gives the Seeker questions to ask about the “Monthly Court Cards”, and the theme that they present for the month. The Seeker is not just reading this material, nodding, and setting it aside. They are encouraged to put it to work in their life. The “Annual Earth Card” remains the same, while the “Monthly Court Cards” differ from month to month. (Note: Add the numbers of any given year together to determine the “Annual Earth Card”. For 2014, the “Annual Earth Card” is seven (2+1+4=7), which in the Tarot is the Chariot.) The Chariot will inform  the Seeker throughout the year 2014, in combination with the astrological sign that the Moon is in. You have to love digital books … Jordan has provided a link to the moon sign schedule for each month! Jordan has provided a detailed graphic that shows how the “Annual Earth Card” and the “Monthly Court Cards” work together.

For each month, there is a link to the Moon sign schedule, the New Moon and Full Moon are indicated by day and time, there is a weekly theme, a weekly word wisdom, a pair of Tarot cards for each day, along with a few words of wisdom about each day.

For example: The “Monthly Court Card Coupling” for January is the King of Pentacles and the Page of Swords. The weekly theme for the first week is “Refresh your mood so that the happiness in your home supports your established directions.” The weekly word wisdom is “quench”. The Tarot card pair for the 1st of January is the Eight of Cups and the Eight of Cups. The wisdom for the day for the 1st of January is “Starting out the new year on the hump day plateau, restart your whole week with fresh new feelings of emotional resolve. This is a day where what you have in place IS what fills your cup. Keep your eyes open today for new things that fill up your motivation tanks. Make today feel

like a really long day in all the right ways.”

There are three bonuses included at the end of this e-book:  “The Chariot & Birth-Placing Identity With The Sevens” (this is a Birth Card article, with links at the end to the eight other Birth Card articles that Jordan has written), “Be Fluid Don’t Go With The Flow – Resistance Is Futile”, and “Tarot Warm-Up Technique: Interview With the Spampires”.

I love Jordan’s work, and was pleased to see that he placed links to it at the end of this e-book. I am going to include them here:

Interview With the Spampires

Land of Mystereum blog

The Divination Studio

To purchase Tarot In the Land of the Mystereum (The Tarot Garden)

To purchase Tarot In the Land of the Mystereum (Amazon)

The 78 life Mapping eSpread Collection

“Area 52” can be purchased here.

“Area 52” is a mind-expanding, fabulous tool for creating your year as you go. For making the best of the energy that is in your life, for understanding your life, and for living your BIG DREAM!

© 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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Tarot 2014

Tarot 2014

Tarot 2014 … changes, growth, and new paths within the Tarot world. I will be doing a once a month blog that wanders around and hits the highlights pertinent to whatever is crossing my path. Both Tarot and other divination systems will find their way here … I hope that you will find something that interests you, and perhaps pushes a few boundaries!

I have watched the growth of a good friend of mine for several years now … and she has achieved some amazing things! Her name is Mary Nale, and she is the founder and editor of Attune Magazine, and Attune Radio. She also writes a blog, and features articles on the Attune Magazine site – She is the creator of three divination decks – Messages, A Deck For Channeling; the Purple Lenormand; and the Runes Deck. Mary hosts a Saturday morning show on BTR (, a monthly show entitled Sessions (co-hosted with Brad Tesh and myself), and facilitates shows for Jean Maurie Puhlman and Maggie Lukowski (Personal Empowerment), and ReeNee Cummins (U Predict). Check out the Attune Magazine site,and see where you might want to contribute! Mary’s Facebook page is here.

A gentleman that I met through Mary Nale is certainly holding his own as far as talk shows goes! His name is Tidal Miller, and he hosts the  “Alchemical Artisans Hour” on PEN (Paranormal Encounter Network). You can also find him on Facebook. Tidal has a great sense of humor, and seems to know all of the right questions to ask! It was a pleasure to be interviewed by him! This is a gentleman to keep your eye on!

That breeze that just swept by you was Theresa Reed! Theresa, aka “The Tarot Lady”, is a professional Tarot reader, teacher, and mentor (especially for growing Tarot businesses). Her mission is to empower people ,,, and she is quite successful at doing so! She also writes a blog that appears on her site … and pulls no punches! Theresa’s Facebook page is here.

Which takes us to another Theresa … Theresa Pridemore. Theresa is the brains behind the Portland Tarot … a 23 card Tarot deck that is in the process of morphing into a 78 card deck! The Portland Tarot can be seen here. Theresa’s Facebook page can be seen here.

One of my favorite people is James Wanless, PhD. The Greening Man’s work can be seen here, and here. His Facebook page can be seen here.

Tarot apps are becoming my favorite things! Two of the top companies that I know about are The Fool’s Dog (Jason & Caroline Kenner), and Tarot eCards  (Ron Leong).

Two new decks to check out are the Syzygy Oracle (Heather Mendel), and the Tarot of the Apocalypse (Magdalena Walulik and Swiatoslaw Nowicki).

For a comprehensive study of Tarot (especially the Continental style Tarot), take a look at Christine Payne-Towler’s Tarot University Arkletters. Christine and her partner, Michael Dowers, are the creators of a unique Continental-style deck entitled Tarot oft he Holy Light.

Last, but not least, an adventure! Tarotist and transpersonal counselor Toni Gilbert is holding the first ever Northwest Astrology and Tarot Salon this November in Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR. This four day workshop will include presenters James Wanless Stephanie Arwen Lynch, Paul Nagy, Isha Lerner, Christine PayneTowler, and Robert Volkmann. I will be there too … hope to see you there!

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Review – Tarot eCards App

Tarot eCards App

Version: 1.0.2
Size: 246 MB
Language: English
WizardToo, LLC
© 2013 WizardToo, LLC

Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Tarot eCards cover

The Tarot eCards app is an easy to use Tarot app that can be used with any of the decks that they carry in their store. Current decks include RWS2.0, New Star Tarot, Hezikos Tarot, Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, the Whispering Tarot, Tarot of the Masters, the Stone Tarot, Navigators of the Mystic Sea, and the CBD Tarot de Marseille. (Note: The RWS2.0 is included with the purchase of the app.) The thought with this app is to be able to build a digital library of popular Tarot decks.

The user has the option to choose from 30 spreads created by Tarot professionals, the option to use any combination of Major, Minor, or Reversed cads, the use of a significator, the ability to write and save notes, and to save and share readings, a five card Quick Read, as well as a Single Card option, as well as the ability to change backgrounds.

The opening screen shows a bookcase, with a link in the upper left hand corner to the deck store, and a link to Instructions in the upper right hand corner. Clicking on the link to the deck store shows the decks available placed in a bookshelf. Clicking on each deck brings up a screen that shows an enlargement of the deck box, and a short paragraph on the deck. In the bottom left hand corner is a link to purchase the deck, in the lower right hand corner is a link to in-depth info on the deck.

Clicking on Instructions bring the user to a screen that explains how to use the Tarot eCards app. There is an overview, the steps the user takes to select a deck, how to use the Quick Read and Single Card reading feature, selecting a spread, customizing the reading, choosing a significator, choosing and sharing readings, studying the decks, and building your own library. Information is also given on how to contact Tarot eCards (through Facebook and their Internet site, where to sign up for their newsletter, and an FAQ that addresses the need to use the Basic Tarot eCard app that is appropriate for each device (iPhone, ),

Clicking on Library brings up the decks that come free with app. Clicking on a deck brings up a screen with the deck box and a short paragraph about the deck. Across the bottom of the screen are links for Reading, Quick Read, Single Card, and Study Deck In the upper right hand side of the screen is a link for Deck Detail.

Clicking on Reading brings up a screen with the following options: Decisions, Life Path, Insights, Relationship, and Common. There is a link in the upper left hand corner of the screen that takes the user back to the Library. Clicking on one of the options brings up a screen with the template for the reading laid out. In the upper left hand corner of the screen is a link back to the Library. Across the bottom of the screen are the following links: Last, Next, Use, and Detail.

Clicking on Last takes the user to a previous spread within that template. Clicking on Next takes the user to the next spread within that template. Clicking on Use brings up a screen with the following options: Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Reverse, and Significator. At the bottom of the options is a link entitled Do Reading. Clicking on Do Reading brings up a screen where the cards are shuffled and laid out, face up (with appropriate sound effects). In the upper right hand corner of the screen is a link to Options. In the upper left hand corner of the screen is a link to Library. In the lower left hand side of the screen is a link to Share.

Clicking on Share brings the user to a screen that allows the user to e-mail the reading to one or more people. The card template is given, along with each of the cars I the reading, and a short take on the card. A keyboard come up to add comments. A screenshot of the reading appears at the end of the reading. Quite nicely presented!

Clicking on Options gives the user the following options: Vibrate On/off, Sound On/Off, Next Backdrop, and Close.

Clicking on each card in the reading brings up a screen that shows the card, along with a brief description. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen is a link to Detail. Clicking on Detail rings up a screen that expands on the energy of the card, and how it can be interpreted.

Clicking on Quick Read brings up a screen with five cards, dealt face up. There is a link in the upper right hand corner to Options, a link in the upper left hand corner to Library, and a link in the lower left hand corner to Share. Clicking on a card brings up the image of the card, along with a short description.

Clicking on Single Card brings the user to a screen that shows the image of a single card, along with a short description of the card. In the upper right hand corner is a link to Options, in the upper left hand corner is a link to Library, in the lower left hand corner is a link to Share, and in the lower right hand corner is a link to Detail.

Clicking on Study brings the user to a screen that shows all 22 cards – The Fool and the Magician on the top row, with two rows of ten cards following. There are links across the bottom of the screen entitled: Major, Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. In the Upper left hand corner is a link to Library.

Clicking on one of the Minor Arcana suits brings up a screen that shows the first two cards on the top row, the following ten cards on the second row, and the last two cards on the third row. I would have liked to have seen one row of ten cards (the pips), followed by a second row of four cards (the Court Cards).

I found this application easy to use … and a lot of fun! I would have liked to have seen larger images used, and a journal included. The only way to save a reading is to e-mail it to yourself, which works, but a journal function with the ability to reference previous readings would be ideal!

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Tarot On The Go

Tarot App

This week it is all about Tarot apps – who has them, and where to find them. There is a whole new world out there – a mobile world – and here is your entry!

Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot


Galaxy Tarot Pro

Legacy of the Divine


(c) 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited in any venue without the written permission of the author.

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