St Patrick’s Day Spread

17 Mar

I love St. Patrick’s Day! From the time I was a child I have loved the Irish green (in fact, the whole Irish theme!), and looked forward to the eating of corned beef and cabbage. I thought that it might be fun to see what St Patrick’s Day was really all about, and how we could look at it through the Tarot.

The celebration of this day is in honor of Saint Patrick, of course. Who was Saint Patrick, and just what did he do? It has been an official feast day since the early seventeenth century, and has worked its way into a celebration of Irish culture. According to Wiki he has an interesting history, having been born in Roman Britain, then kidnapped and held in Ireland. He did get away, returning to Britain to study to be a priest. He returned to Ireland as a bishop, and is credited with having a strong influence in bringing Christianity to Ireland.

We are in a Hierophant year, which I see as quite connected to St. Patrick. His mission was to bring Christianity to Ireland, which he did in a very sound fashion. He connected with the Irish people, and was/is highly regarded. He saw his life path, he knew his life path, he lived his life path. This is what I kept in mind when developing a Tarot spread for this day.

Saint Patrick’s Day Spread

1. Where am I right now in my life path? The Empress
2. What do I need to share with others about my life experiences? Two of Swords
3. What is the best way to share my wisdom? Six of Cups

I am in a good place in my path right now. I understand it well, and nurture it. I am deeply connected to my creative nature, focused on bringing my projects out into the light of day.

What I need to share with others involves the area of communications, and being open to others. Learning how to trust, and to be able to go into partnerships of all kinds with a given level of trust.

The best way to share my wisdom is to adapt to the people and times that I am living/working in. I also need to become comfortable with being recognized for the work that I am doing.

Hopefully a few of you will try t his one. Please let me know how it works for you!


Scans are from the “All Hallows Tarot”, Robyn Tisch Hollister, 2008.

© March 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

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