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Tarot and Healing

I have been having some random thoughts lately about Tarot, how we use it, and how it affects how we live our lives. I see Tarot as a tool of divination, yes, but I also see it as a tool for spiritual growth, and,most importantly, a tool for healing. In the Tarot we have the four elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth), and we can access their energy to heal ourselves at any time (or to help someone else heal). We also have access to the four worlds ( Atziluth, the Archetypal world; Briah, the world of Creation; Yetzirah, the world of Formation; and Assiah, the world of Manifestation. We can also combine the Tarot with the Chakras to format a reading that will tell us where we are not aligned, and where we need to heal. Or we can choose to work with the shadow side of the cards and literally address our shadow selves.

The year 2012, our current year, is a special year, in that according to the Mayan calendar great change is coming. I see many of my fellow readers making significant changes in their practices, and focusing on the healing process for their clients, in different ways.

How are you addressing healing in your work with the Tarot? How do you see the need for healing as it is reflected in the larger community around you? Do you connect the need for healing with the world events that are going on around us? How do you feel that the Tarot can help us to heal, to become whole, and to assimilate the rapid changes that the world, and humanity, are going through?

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