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Lisa Frideborg Lloyd – The Steampunk Future – Future Spread

This is Lisa Frideborg Lloyd’s entry into my Steampunk Tarot contest. It is a very ingenious spread, and I thank Lisa for sharing it with us. Enjoy!

The Steampunk Future-Future Spread:


1. Vision for the future. You need to set a specific time limit for this and it could be anything from a week to several years. Whatever you can imagine as a future goal and whatever time limit you would like to set for it is fine. This card represents your goal/vision.

2. Personality challenge. The card covering is something in your personality which is challenging your vision.

3. Karmic challenge. This card shows you a karmic challenge or something which happened in the past which could cause troubles.

4. Cosmic challenge. This card shows you the outer circumstances imposed by the Universe.

5-7. Steps on the way to achieving your goal/vision. If the final card is a poor match you can pull one or two cards extra as advice for how to rectify this.

(c) May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

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