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Incredible insight here!

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Robert Place is one of my favorite tarot authors.  He is a true scholar who knows the history of the tarot in fine detail.  Recently I came across an online interview with Robert done by tarot author Dusty White as part of his free lessons on the tarot.  The material was so fascinating, I took notes on Robert’s comments as I listened and decided to post them here.  Please don’t expect polished writing; the format is pretty much how I take notes when I listen to a lecture.  I highly recommend listening to the interview.  My notes just capture the main themes.

Here are my notes on the interview:

Robert Place is the creator of The Alchemical Tarot.  There is a new version available: The Alchemical Tarot Renewed (3rd Edition).  There is a new book Alchemy and the Tarot to accompany the deck.

The Hanged Man Card:  Gebelin discovered…

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