Conversation Overheard – Justice/High Priestess

15 Jul

Conversation Overheard –

Justice/High Priestess

I have been trying to think of ways in which I could make the Birth Card pairs come to life. I thought that it might be fun to have a Birth Card pair chatting over coffee or drinks. I was going to work with the gentlest Birth Card pair that I could find, just so the conversation would be, shall we say, a “nice, quiet one” Best laid plans, and all of that. The first two individuals that choose to speak were the ones that were the hardest for me to write about – The Devil and The Lovers. They choose to speak over drinks … fair warning! Today’s Birth Card pair are Justice and the High Priestess. These are two calm, dignified ladies. We join them over lunch at . The High Priestess is represented by Jaqueline Lefevre, dark haired, with deep brown eyes. Justice is represented by Edith LeCroix, blond, with gray eyes.

Scene: The Baguette Cafe, in Las Vegas. It is a noon on a weekday, and the cafe is humming with activity. The decor is in subtle shades of cream and pale blue, the tables covered with gleaming white cloths. The atmosphere is one of “doing business”. You just know that serious things are happening at these innocent looking tables! Two women are seated at a table in a bay window overlooking a gardened terrace. The shorter woman, Jacqueline Lefevre, is seated on the left hand side of the table. Her dark hair tumbles over her shoulders, and her light pink suit is complimented by gold earrings and a gold necklace. She is wearing mauve open toed heels, and carrying a mauve clutch purse. Sitting opposite her is Edith LeCroix. Slightly taller than Jaqueline, she has short blond hair, and is wearing a light blue business suit. She is wearing light gray heels, and carrying a light gray clutch purse. Both women favor French nails, cut short.

The waiter appears at their table. “Are you ladies ready to order?”

“Yes, please”, Jaqueline responded. “I would like an omelet pannini, with a small salad and coffee.”

Edith smiled – “Ever the omelets!”

Jaqueline laughed. “I know, I am very predictable!”

Edith looked up at the waiter. “I will have the soup of the day, a side salad, and a croissant.”

The waiter responded “And what would you like to drink with that?”

“Please bring me coffee.”

As the waiter hurried away to place their order, the two women looked at each other.

“Jacqueline, I am so glad that you could make it for lunch. We never seem to have much time to check in with each other any more.”

“I know, the world seems to be moving so fast. It is sometimes hard to stay grounded, and yet do what we need to do. It was a wonder that we found this place – a bit of a respite in the busy world of day to day life. I have never seen so many people in one place who know who they are, why they are here, and where they are going.”

“And here I thought people came here for the food!” Edith laughed.

Jaqueline raised her eyebrow in mock severity. “I know very well that you can see the lights dancing around most of the people sitting here. This café is a point of contact for those ready to move into the future, and those who have made the agreement to help them get there.”

“And here I thought that I was the serious one!” Edith picked up her delicate coffee cup, inhaling deeply of the rich scent. “My guess is that many, if not all of the people here have worked with you.”

“Yes, they have. Either that, or they have worked with people who have worked with me. The mysteries can be accessed in many different ways, but it has to be direct access. There really is not need at this time for an intermediary. The Prophets and seers of ancient times were there because people were not ready to access the wisdom directly. They needed the sense of “one off” to be comfortable.”

Both women were silent for a moment, reflecting on times past. “Access to the mysteries has actually made my job a bit easier.” Edith smiled as she said that. “The human race knows that is needs to be accountable for itself, for thoughts and actions. And they are recognizing that this is on a global, country, city, local community, and individual basis. Blaming the individual or entity above them for the consequences of some action no longer holds true. Fairness and equality are spiritual qualities, only reflected through the laws of the land. We still see different versions of “As Above, So Below” in different countries, but the thought is there.”

The waiter brought their lunch, placing it before them with a flourish. “Is there anything else that I can get you ladies?”

Both women indicated that they were fine, and began eating their lunch. The Baguette was known for the quality of its food – calling itself a café was a misnomer. The menu had a decidedly French flair, and the food was always fresh and plentiful.

“Is there any way that I can be of help to you? Anything that I can make known that would increase the consciousness of accountability?”

Edith responded “No, I don’t think so. We don’t want to make too much available too soon. This is a very precarious time for humans – they are taking in wisdom at an enormously accelerated rate, but we still don’t want to overload them.”

“I agree. I am pleased to see that they are taking accountability. They are floundering with the greening of earth, but they will learn. Mother Earth has a way of speaking up for herself – she won’t allow the balance of nature to get too precarious. What was will never be again – many species are extinct, many more about to be – but that was written into the Master Plan. It is simply that it can go no further.”

Their waiter was standing at their table, ready to clear the lunch dishes. “What would you ladies like for desert?” he asked.

They both spoke at the same time: “The sampler plate, please!”

The waiter smiled. “Would you like more coffee with that, or perhaps a glass of wine?”

They both asked for more coffee, which was immediately refilled. In the blink of an eye they had a lovely blue patterned plate in front of them. It was covered with a lace doily, upon which were placed several small cakes and bon bons.

The women drank their coffee and devoured the pastries. This was heaven! Every day should have a respite like this!

The check was paid, and Jacqueline and Edith exited together. It would have been of interest to anyone watching them that as they turned to walk down the sidewalk there was a sparkle of energy in the air, then nothing. Both women had vanished. The waiter smiled – he knew they would be wherever they needed to be, and that they would with certainty grace the café again.

The images shown are from the “Tarot Lovers’ Tarot”, by Karyn Easton (

© July 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

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