Reading For 2013

01 Jan

This is a spread that I developed for Pamela Steele’s Tarot Deck Creator’s Group. We were asked to contribute a spread for New Year’s, if we wished to, and to use the theme “Release and Attraction”.  We are going to be reading with each other’s spreads, but I wanted to try out my own spread! So, here we go, using Pamela’s “Steele Wizard Tarot”.

 Release and Attraction

1.         What shadows am I carrying over from 2012? Eight of Cups

2.         What do I need to know about these shadows?  Ace of Swords

3.         How can I merge these shadows into my being? The High Priestess

4.         What challenges are waiting for me in 2013? Knight of Swords

5.         What opportunities are waiting for me in 2013? Queen of Pentacles

6.         What strengths will allow me to make the best of my opportunities? The Lovers

7.         What is my vision for 2013? The Star

8.         What do I need to know about this vision? The Emperor

9.         How does this vision support my path? Transition

9     7     6

 6     5     4

 3      2     1

Spread 1 2 3_NEW

Spread 4 5 6 _NEW

Spread 1 2 3 _NEW

Images copyright Pamela Steele, the “Steele Wizard Tarot”, 2006.

© 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

All material on this site is copyright by Bonnie Cehovet, and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission.

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