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A Challenge From Me To All Tarotists!

Attune Magazine


I read a post yesterday from Mary Nale, founder and editor of Attune Magazine and Attune Magazine Radio. Mary and I have worked together for a long time now. Mary was letting us know that she is hav ing a very difficult time keeping the magazine and radio show going financially. My heart just hit rock bottom – why had I not realized this? Why had I not stepped up on my own? I want you all to read Mary’s thoughts in her own words. Here is the link to her post: Attune Magazine Needs Your Help.

Mary states that she has come to the end of her financial resources, and needs help to keep going. I felt very bad that I had not realized this sooner, and that I had to be asked to step up. Mary is the one who talked me through hosting many classes in the Attune classroom. has accepted my work for her magazine, and hosted me on her show many times. All of this cost me nothing but my time.

I made an immediate decision. I sent a donation as soon as I read her post (there is a donation button on the Attune home page), and committed to ads on a continuing basis for my books. I am always happy when I find an individual (or group) that I can donate to with good conscience, and I needed to up my game from free to paid promotions for my books. For me, this was all a given.

Mary Nale

I am going to tell you some things about Mary. She is a single mother with two daughters in their early twenties. She also has a lovely grandson named Shane. Mary is responsible for her entire household. She takes what time she has left and devotes it to her passions – Tarot, other forms of divination, and self-improvement. She actively searches for links in these areas, and shares them on a regular basis. She puts together a quarterly magazine on diverse subjects, including articles, reviews, interviews, videos, and more. She offers advertising space at a very affordable rate, and is willing to help people set their ads up.

She also hosts Attune Magazine Radio on Blog Talk Radio every Saturday morning. Recent topics include dreams (with Amanda Goldston), weight loss (with Amanda Goldston), an interview with Brad Tesh and myself about our new book (Seek Joy … Toss Confetti”), and Tiptoeing Through the Tarot (with Koneta Bailey). All of these shows are informational, and they are all archived for future listening.

Mary also does reviews herself, and mentors people on how to get their work and themselves out in front of the public. I should also mention that Mary offers readings through Skype or by phone!

I am hoping that each of you reading this blog will help in any way that you can. Sometimes we just don’t have money to donate … in which case I would ask that you send a prayer up that as a community we are able to save this valuable resource.

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