Happenings In The Tarot World

20 Sep

James Wells

There is a lot going on in the Tarot world right now! Canadian Tarotist James Wells has developed an incredible e-course on reading the Tarot – “Tarot Counseling For Self & Others”. I just attended a tele-conference where James took us through a bit of what his course is all about. It was awesome! This is not a course that you just read, work on a bit, and try to put into your practice. There is a well-defined course structure, with weekly calls, and students, if they wish, will be paired off for study purposes. You can find more information here: James Wells – Tarot Counseling.

Portland Tarot Molount St Helen's

I am very pleased to connect you with Theresa Pridemore, creatrix of the “Portland Tarot”. Her first run sold out, and she is now funding for a second, ramped up printing of her 23 card Major Arcana deck.There are 21 days left (from 9/19/13) … let’s help Theresa make this an awesome event! The funding is through Indiegogo, and has a tremendous variety of options to choose from. Check out the “Portland Tarot”! You can se my review of the “Portland Tarot” here

Tarot eCards cover

For all of you interested in digital Tarot apps, here is a site for you! Tarot eCards presents a universal app that works with any Tarot eCards deck. Decks currently available are the “Tarot of Ceremonial Magick”, the “RWS2.0 Tarot”, the “CBD Tarot de Marseille”, the “Whispering Tarot”, the “New Star Tarot”, the “Hezikos Tarot, Tarot”, the “Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea”, and the “Stone Tarot”. More decks will be added over time. My review of this app can be seen here.


Pay attention to this one! Attune Magazine is holding a contest, with the prise being a “Halloween” Tarot Bag! The winner will be announced this Saturday, September 21st, by Bailey-Wick Creations. All you need to do to enter is to send in a Halloween based Tarot Spread! Get your creativity on! More information can be found here.

James Wamless cover

This last entry is not Tarot related, but it is from a Tarot luminary – James Wanless, PhD. He is currently working on a project called the Greening Man. Information can be found here, and here. He has a new deck out (“Sustain Yourself Cards”), and a new book (“Sustainable Life – The New Success”). This is an incredible new direction for James, one that is well worth checking out!

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