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10 Oct

Fall Decorations

I love fall! I wasn’t going to do a pumpkin this year (I will be kittie sitting at my sister’s this Halloween), but I picked one up today. I will just carve it a few days early, and enjoy it before I go.There is lots to talk about this week … two items of which are time sensitive,


You have all heard me talking about the Portland Tarot, and their Indiegogo funding effort. They are just over half-way funded, with less than 24 hours to go. Take the time to read my review (The Portland Tarot). If you like what you see, head right on over to the Indiegogo campaign… which is very well thought out, with an incredible number of options!

Also very time sensitive, but for another reason, is a class that my good friend Brad Tesh is giving. Brad – I couldn’t phrase this any better, so I am “borrowing” your promo!

Hello Awesome Folks. I will be teaching a Joyful Telelclass ( phone class) On Wednesday the 16th at 7:30 pm eastern time ( 4:30 pm West coast time) . This class will be on Abundance and Attraction! What is Abundance? How can we join its dance? What techniques can we use to bring Abundance to us? What does Energy Attraction mean? How can we attract more of the things we want and less of the things we don’t want? All these questions and more will be answered in this telelclass. We will have group discussion and do a Spiritual meditation/ Journey as well to discover how we can find fulfill our dreams. Cost for the class is $ 10.00 dollars. You can sign up via the link on my website click “Contact me and Rates” and then click the “telelclass” option. I will then send you the Registration information and a reminder before the class. We will have fun and enjoy ourselves during this class, for in all sense of the word, Abundance is a Dance!! Hope to hear you then! Any questions please email me at Many Merry Blessings!

I have attended Brad’s classes before – they are well worth the time spent! Mark Wednesday, October 16th on your calendars!


I am thrilled to announce that another good friend, Koneta Bailey, now has a shop on Etsy! the little Tarot bag that you see above this paragraph? That is something that Koneta offered recently … and I now have in my hot little hands! Wonderful workmanship, and great thought went into the making of this little treasure! Koneta does wonderful things with the beading at the end of the drawstrings … well worth checking out! Her she is – Bailey-Wick Creations! Aside from incredible Tarot bags, Koneta also does reversible aprons, country and seasonal prints, and primitive country curtains.

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