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Review – The Phuture Tarot App

The Phuture Tarot App

Updated Dec 2 2013
Version 2.1.1
Size: 25.9 MB
Language: English
Seller: Phuture Me Ltd.


Requires iOS7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone5.

The Phuture Tarot App is part of the services offered through the website. It is free to download on iTunes, and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is defined as a Tarot eco-system of Tarot decks, Tarot Spreads, Tarot Card look-up references, Tarot Readers, & Tarot Artists. It is a Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology all in one app. Two digital decks are included free with this app: the Soprafino Tarot, the Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot, and the Aquatic Tarot. Available for purchase are digital versions of The Short Hand Tarot, the BlueDogRose Tarot, the Tarot of the Apocalypse.  Packs of credits in the amounts of 1488, 1799, 2099, 2999, and 3599 are available for purchase.

The following review is based on the app usage with an iPhone.

Two things that I find disconcerting about this app – the spelling of “Phuture” (it is one of those things that gets on my last nerve …but has nothing to do with what the app offers!), and the iPhone icon for the app, which is the outline of a head, with the word “Tarot” under it. All of my other Tarot apps let me know what they are, by name. Again, this has nothing to do with the performance of the app, but it also gets on my last nerve!

The landing page for the app gives four choices: Numerology, Tarot, Account, and Forecasting. In the bottom left hand corner is a link to a page that asks if you like the app, or if you have found a problem with it. I found this to be both useful and thoughtful on the part of the designers.

The bottom right hand corner of the landing page takes the user to Settings, where they can put a Passcode Lock on, get notification of a daily forecast (and set the time for the forecast),  set the choice for card selection and deck animation, set the date for the Essence influence in numerology, check out the White Magic and Wedding Date Numerology apps, go to the apps comments page, check out Tips, Tricks, & FAQ, access the acknowledgements page, and read the terms and conditions of use. The designer of this app is Mr. George M. Taylor. In his acknowledgements, he includes the individuals that created specific Tarot spreads, gives Tarot card reference bookmarks, and very importantly give a nod to individuals and sites that have been helpful with software advice. Last, but not least, there are links provided to the Phuture Facebook Fan Page, and their Twitter page.

Under the Numerology link the user is asked for their full name, and date of birth. From there, they can click on Life’s Cycles & Destiny, Name Analysis, and Essence. Under Life’s Path & Cycles, were the 11 and 22 cycle, Life’s Pinnacles, and a listing of three Life’s Challenges. There was a short, interesting, and accurate (I have lived long enough to have been through a lot of cycles!) write-up on each. Quite a good place to get some basic in on how numerology plays out in your life.

Under Name Analysis, we see Expression, Inner Dreams, Soul’s Urge, and Subconscious Self, as well as 2 Karmic Lessons. Again, short but accurate write-ups. For whatever reason, I could not get Essence to work.

Tapping on the icon in the upper left hand side of the screen takes you back to the landing screen. Tapping on the icon on the upper right hand side of the screen takes you to the commentary page on the app, where you can “like” it, or share any issues that you may be having.

Clicking on the Tarot app takes you to a page where you can see all spreads, see your favorite spreads, and see your saved spreads. The categories for the spreads are General (which includes the Celtic Cross, Astrology 12 House, and Alchemist’s spreads), Forecasting (which includes Past/Present/Future, Week Ahead, Month Ahead, and Year Ahead), Love and Relationships (which includes Future Romance, Me and my Ex, and The Other Woman), Career (which includes Career SWOT analysis), Health (which includes Health problem, and Weight Loss), Spirituality (which includes the Tree of Life, and the Chakra’s), and the ability to create your own spread, using the following parameters: 1 card, 2 card, 3 card, 4 cards (1 X 4), 5 cards (1 X 5), 6 cards (2 X 3), 7 cards (H), 8 cards (2 X 4), and 9 cards (3 X 3).

The upper left hand corner shows a link that will take the user back to the Tarot page, while the upper right hand corner shows a link that will take the user to a page where they can create their own Tarot spreads.

Under decks, the options are Intuitive Select, Rider Waite Tarot (1909), or browse decks. There is the ability on the next page to add decks from the Phuture Tarot store. Clicking on a deck will take the user to a screen with links to each of the suits. From this page, individual cards can be clicked on. Each individual card shows a color scan, links to Wikipedia, Aeclectic Tarot, and Biddy Tarot, a description of the card and its energy, and an excerpt from “The Pictorial Key To The Tarot” (Arthur Edward Waite, 1911).

Under Card Backs, the user can choose the default setting, or the Enlighten setting.

Under Readings, the user can choose Tarot Readers, or My Readings. My Readings leads to a page where the user is shown what to expect from a digital reading from one of Phuture Me’s Tarot readers. Under Tarot Readers,  a list of available readers comes up, with a listing of their status (available or not available), their experience, attributes, specialties, languages, how long they have been a member, and the time frame they can be expected to respond within. There is a link to their Introduction (which is basically their bio), a link to the Tarot spreads that they read, the Tarot decks that they read, and client testimonials.

Under Account, the user can create an account, check their password, check for Tarot Readers, and access the Tarot Readings disclaimer.

Under Forecasting, the user will see the current date, the sign that the Sun is in, and the degrees for that sign, the waxing/waning status, and the sign the Moon is in, with the degrees for that sign. Information is provided for the user’s Personal Day, Personal Month, and Personal year. I found all of this information both interesting and accurate.

There are also links to Tarot Event Timing, and a specific Tarot Timing spread. Under the link for Today’s Tarot Card, the user has the option of choosing a card for that day only, or for the week ahead. Under Tarot Trends, the user will see Lunar Month Trends and All Time Trends.

This is a bit of a complicated app, but if you follow the links, and pay attention, you will get the responses that you are looking for. I did not choose to create an account, so I cannot speak to the ability of the readers. Nor do I feel that a reading from one reader should reflect on the entire app. The app is free for download, and there are many usable sections to it, without having to create an account.

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