Northwest Astrology & Tarot Salon

14 Feb

Mary Jo Wevers

In November of this year the inaugural Northwest Astrology and Tarot Salon will be held at the Breitenbush Conference Center, near Detroit, OR. (More information about the Salon can be found here – .) I would like to introduce you to Mary Jo Wevers, PhD, one of the Conversation Leaders for this event.

Mary Jo is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach specializing in Soul-Personality Integration. She lives and practices in Corvallis, Oregon. A certified Karmic Astrologer, Mary Jo uses the symbolic language of astrology to help clients better understand themselves and their life experiences from a deeper, spiritual perspective. As an accredited Journey™ Practitioner she uses guided visualizations and meditations that allow clients to access cell memories and clear the emotional root cause of issues so they can heal. Mary Jo’s goal is to help people put the past behind and move forward in life in peace and wholeness. Her web site is

Mary Jo will most likely be focusing her Conversation Group on Lunar Nodes in the astrological chart, which represent our karmic soul pattern and spiritual soul mission in life.

“The Nodes always point us in the direction where we are revisiting and healing our past experiences and issues and where we need to stretch and grow to embrace the new.”  – Pat Liles

Mary Jo may also be discussing the topic of interceptions in the astrological chart, their karmic interpretation, and reclaiming the energy of intercepted signs and planets in ourselves and in our lives.

From Mary Jo: “I am excited to share the symbolic language of astrology with others, exploring how it helps us understand ourselves as spiritual beings having human experiences.  Your astrological chart provides information about your soul’s journey through many lives.  Energy you created in the past is carried into this life for further development, resolution, or healing. Understanding your personality and spiritual path allows you to live consciously, using your personality and gifts for your spiritual purpose.”

For those of us that are (relative) newbies to astrology, Mary Jo has shared the following:

What is Karmic Astrology?

 In karmic astrology, we view an astrological chart as a unique

map or mandala that provides information about a person’s

journey as a soul through many lives. Your astrological chart is

unique because no one else on earth, at least not for another

25,000 years, will have the same placement of planets and signs

in the houses that you have in your chart.

The astrological chart reveals personality traits and skills,

conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior, and life themes

that have been brought into this life for further development or

resolution. It provides clues about past life experiences that

produce subconscious guilt or shame, and old wounds that have

not yet healed. The chart tells us something about soul contracts

made with other people in this lifetime to assist you on your soul

journey. It specifies your life purpose or “soul mission”, the goal

or destination your soul wishes you to strive for in this lifetime to

expand your experience and assist in your personal evolution.

Karmic astrology is dynamic, not fatalistic. We have free will and

can exercise conscious choice. When we take responsibility for

our karmic past by actively working to free ourselves of “past-life

baggage” we can change unproductive patterns of behavior. We

can heal past-life wounds, transform and transmute past life

experiences into lessons, so that we can live our lives with insight

and gratitude. When we are conscious of the gifts and talents we

have brought into this life we can use them for the highest good.

This is how we integrate our personality with our soul’s purpose

in this life time. We are empowered and actively create the life we


 Mary Jo Wevers, Ph.D.

Each Conversation Leader brings their own wisdom and life experience with them. I very much look forward to learning a bit more about astrology, and how I can put it to use in my life! How about you?

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