Birth Card Pairs – Wheel of Fortune/Magician

06 Mar

Wheel of FOrtune/Magician


The theme for a 10/1 lifetime is that of accepting what fortune brings you, versus creating your own destiny.

The Wheel of Fortune and the Magician act as the gateway into a 10/1 lifetime. The Wheel of Fortune (ruled by Jupiter) is focused on higher ideals, and our sense of purpose in life. It is through Jupiter that we experience our “luck”, or “fortune” in life. Our sense of happiness and fulfillment are things that are ruled by Jupiter, which is an expansive planet that relates to generosity, optimism, and life purpose. It is through Jupiter that we learn to take leaps of faith and face life’s challenges.

The Magician (ruled by Mercury) focuses on intellect, and the mental aspects of life … how we think and communicate. In Greek mythology Mercury is Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In Roman mythology Mercury takes on the qualities of the Trickster.

In a 10/1 lifetime, the path that th individual walks is on that contains the lessons of Destiny (the Wheel of Fortune) versus Personal Will (the Magician). The Wheel of Fortune may contain déjà vu moments … that quality of “Been there, Done that”. The Magician has the power of the four elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) his disposal. His motto is “As Above, So Below”. The Magician (Magus) is very adept at using his skills and abilities to manifest whatever he places his focus on.

Astrological Associations:

Wheel of Fortune: Jupiter
Magician: Mercury


Wheel of Fortune: destiny, a fortunate turn of events, progress, adapting to change, resistance to change, a negative turn of events

Magician: power, new project, new phase of life, new beginning, skill, confidence, self-reliance, intelligence, energy disrupted, lack of will, lack of focus, delusions of grandeur, unreliability, trickery, indecision, poor self-image

How Does A 10/1 Individual Empower Themselves?

Personal empowerment is the ability to our personal and spiritual energy in a manner that enhances how we experience our life. As we define our true power, we actualize our potential, and begin to live life from a core of inner confidence.

In empowering ourselves, we set the conditions so that we can:

* Find our own unique voice.
* Take charge of making our own decisions … not allowing other people’s wishes/needs to overpower our own.
* Understand why we are dissatisfied with our life, and determine what will give us a feeling of satisfaction.
* Take control of our life … make the impact that we wish to make on the world.
* Integrate ourselves within our local and global communities.
* Be proud to be the person orchestrating our own life.
* Know that we have the ability to manifest our own life.
* Make life transitions easily.

Questions to ask ourselves focusing on the Wheel of Fortune:

* How do you view change in your life?
* Are you flowing with the changes around you, or are you fighting them?
* Can you see how your actions brought you to where you are at this point in time?
* Are the changes in your life broadening your perspective?

Questions to ask ourselves focusing on the Magician:

* What skills and abilities do you carry?
* What are your goals?
* Are you clear about your goals?
* How do you communicate with others?
* Where are you focusing your energy?
* What wisdom do you wish to share?


The Wheel of Fortune is all about destiny, change, and forward movement. Here are a few sample affirmations for the Wheel of Fortune:

* I move forward with confidence and determination.
* I am at peace with the changes in my life.
* I adapt well to change.
* I see everything that comes to me as a positive lesson.
* I have faith that everything happens for a reason.
* I understand that life is a process, and that change brings new understanding.
* I release that which no longer serves me well with love and respect.
* I freely let go of my will for Divine purpose.
* I live in the present … even when the present is changing.

The Magician is all about skill, abilities, confidence, and manifestation. Here are a few sample affirmations for the Magician:
* Whatever I focus on with intent and will, I have the ability to manifest.
* I use my skills and abilities wisely.
* I channel the Divine into everything that I create.
I am comfortable working with my creative energy.
* I focus my intention on my passions in life.
* I take responsibility for that which I create.
* I accept the success that follows my actions.
* I shine the light of the Divine into all of my work.
* My experience serves me well.
* I see clearly accepting my visions.


Wheel of Fortune:

Gifts: Developing a sense of detachment, seeing the bigger picture of your life, finding the serenity at the center of the wheel, understanding that life is not random, the ability to focus your energy, the ability to visualize and create

Abilities: The ability to find your own inner strength, and to move with the ebb and flow of life.

Challenges: Adjusting to the ups and downs of life, moving out of the victim mentality. Inability to recognize opportunities.


Gifts: Making informed decisions, taking focused actions, the ability to focus your energy, the ability to visualize and create your own reality.

Abilities: The ability to manifest whatever one needs to accomplish ones goals.

Challenges: To be able to believe in one’s self, to stay focused, to avoid being deceitful, the inability to complete what one starts, hidden motivation, lack of motivation.

Template For Working With Gifts/Abilities/Challenges:

* Define the area or issue being worked with.
* Define which Birth Card energies are involved.
* Define where on the spectrum of the Birth Card the energy is manifesting. (Very positive to very negative.)
* Define whether the energy is being manifested, blocked, or simply not being recognized.
* Define what type of energy is needed to bring the Seeker back into balance.
* Looking at both of the Seeker’s Birth Cards, determine which gifts/abilities can best be used to return the * Seeker to a balanced state.


The focus in a 10/1 lifetime is between the energy of accepting what fortune brings to you and creating, through your own will, the destiny that you wish. In working to create your own destiny, you ned to be sure that you are working with skills and abilities that are truly yours … that you are not deceiving yourself.

It is important to recognize when destiny is preordained … when the Wheel of Fortune is acting in your life. If this is the case, we need to learn to accept it. Fighting destiny prolongs the space you are in, and the issues you are facing. Accepting destiny bring you to a place where you can begin to manifest your own will again.

Answering the following questions may help you to see where you are in the cycle of life:

* How do you feel about your life?
* Are you living an authentic life … does your belief system work for you?
* Are your actions in alignment with your beliefs?
* Are your actions manifesting the results you would like to see?
* Do you relate well to yourself?
* Do you know why you draw the people and issues to you that you do?
* How do you define success?
* Are you seeing success, as you define it, in your life?
* If you are not seeing success, why not? Are you not focused? Are you not setting clear goals? Are you not following through with your actions?
* Is there a good balance between your ability to accept change and your need to create change?
* Are you focused in your relationships?
* Are you able to accept responsibility for your words and actions?
* Are you able to speak up for yourself, clearly and concisely?
* Do you relate well to others?
* Do you have a need to deceive yourself or others?
* What place does Spirit have in your life?
* How do you relate within your home? Within your workplace? Within your community?
* What is your purpose int his lifetime? What are you questing for?
* What are you ending, and what are you beginning?
* What place does change have in your life?
* What place does creative force have in your life?

The one thing that will make it easier to recognize and work with any issue that comes out of your responses above is self-confidence. To empower yourself, you need to be self-confident. You need to know that you alone have the power to manifest directed change in your life.

How we see ourselves is a huge factor in how well we are going to succeed. What big dreams have you gone after? If you have chosen not to go after your big dreams, what was your reason? What held you back?

Every time we make a choice, we are tapping into our belief system. In a 10/1 lifetime, the Seeker views their belief system through the dual lens of the cycles of fortune (The Wheel of Fortune), and intense will, driving the need to create (the Magician). Is your belief system serving you well? Are there some beliefs that you may need to release? Are there new beliefs that you may need to embrace?

Have you chosen to work with your affirmations? Are you wording them as strongly as possible? Are you working with them over a period of 21 days? What changes do you see manifesting from this work? What changes still need to be mad?

We fine tune our lives on a continuing basis. Once we have defined our passion, and our life purpose, everything we do needs to be in alignment with them. As we learn and grow, we release that which no longer serves us well … and we open up to bigger dreams! We need to challenge ourselves to keep the balance in our lives. We need to be the best that we can be, and commit to taking informed action to accomplish our goals.

Do not be afraid to look at your fears, at what may be blocking your progress. Look at these fears through the lens of your Birth Cards, as this is where your answers lie. The Wheel of Fortune and the Magician are powerful forces, constantly challenging you, and moving you forward. The Wheel of Fortune asks that you accept destiny, that you recognize that there is a bigger plan, and that you are part of it. The Magician allows you to access inner resources, and use your focused will to manifest your visions. In understanding yourself, you will be able to easily know when the Wheel of Fortune is at work in your life, and when the Magician has stepped in to take his rightful place.

(c) March 2014 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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