Interview With Mary Nale

07 Mar


I have known Mary Nale for several years now. She never fails to astound me with her intellect and her phenomenal vision. Mary and I go way back into the days of holding classes in an Internet classroom. Mary had mad skills at handling the technical side of things … and she would make a great teacher, too … if we could convince her to do this!

Most of you know Mary through her efforts with Attune Magazine (a quarterly digital magazine), and Attune Magazine Radio, a Blog Talk Radio venture where she hosts a Saturday morning show, as well as co-hosting a once a month (or whenever it suits us!) show entitled “Session s”. She also holds space for two other Blog Talk Radio shows – “Personal Empowerment”, hosted by Jan Maurie Puhlman and Maggie Lukowsky, and “U Predict”, hosted by ReeNee Cummins.
Through both of these venues Mary has gifted us with the ability to share our articles, our products, and more. She does all of the work herself, with the remuneration coming only from the cost of ads run in the magazine. She is about to make a major leap into offering Attune Magazine in a format for mobile devices. She has dedicated a page on her site to a fund raising effort, so that she can accomplish the goal of moving Attune Magazine into the mobile format.
There’s also a Group on Face Book:
And a Page on Face Book:
Mary has agreed to answer a few questions about how we can help her to accomplish this goal.

BC: Mary, let’s backtrack for a minute. What prompted you to start Attune Magazine in the first place?

MN: Attune Magazine came to me in a dream-the color, the concept and the format. Attune Magazine is a way to share, teach and learn without the constraints of an online community or costly membership fees. I like to think of this as a magazine created by the community for the community.

BC: How did the movement to add Blog Talk Radio come about?

MN: Blog Talk Radio seemed to be the next logical step in creating a place to learn, share and grow. This also provides a platform for others to share what they have created-sort of a promotional tool for the metaphysical community.

BC: You have deep tentacles into the metaphysical world. Who is your target audience?

MN: My target audience continues to evolve and change! On the one hand there is a need to reach every Indie in the metaphysical field. On the other hand there’s a need to reach the person who enjoys reading the articles in the magazine. And then of course there couldn’t be a magazine without the writers. Revenue from advertising is what keeps the magazine going so there’s also a need to reach the metaphysical business owner. I can tell you this has been a challenge and I’m still learning.

BC: What are some of the benefits to having Attune Magazine in a mobile format?

MN: This upgrade is the single most important project since beginning the magazine. It has been the number one request for two years straight to have Attune Magazine available on iPad. People want portable!

I truly believe this will increase readership and by increasing readership we increase the exposure to each writer and each advertiser. We live in a fast paced, very on the go world and those who can’t be seen on tablets and smartphones will be left behind.

BC: Tell us a bit about your funding project – Attune Magazine YOUR way.

MN: In short we need to raise $2000.00 to do all the upgrading necessary. I looked into crowd funding on popular websites but didn’t like the fees associated with them. I decided we could do this on our own by enlisting the help of everyone who supports Attune Magazine.

BC: How long will you be running this funding project?

MN: This project will run until March 31st.

BC: What are some of the prizes that are being offered? (Note: The prizes can be seen on the fundraising site –

MN: So many wonderful people have donated their time and services to offer as rewards for donations! I’m deeply grateful to each and every one. We have books, decks, readings and even pendulums! I keep adding to the pages as the sponsors send me new rewards.

BC: How can people become involved in this project?

MN: Shop on our pages and share the project details in your groups, on your blogs and on your radio shows.

BC: Tell us a bit about the classes that are being offered as part of this project.

MN: I called out for help on this one and I’m simply astounded at the amount of support I’ve received! Here we are again with the wonderful people who believe in Attune Magazine offering their time to teach a free mini class on Attune Magazine Radio. We started off with Arwen Lynch Poe’s class: Tarot for Writing: Creating 3-D Characters with Arwen. If you missed it you can listen in archives.

I’m very excited about Koneta Bailey’s series of classes on Tarot Shadow Work which will be every Friday in March at 7 PM. The first one is here: Tarot Shadow Work Part 1 Koneta Bailey

Then there’s classes by Bonnie Cehovet, Maggie Lukowski, Jennifer Sieck and ReeNee Cummins. There’s still room for a class or two if you would like to participate and teach a class of your own.

An easy way to search this is to go here:
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BC: Is there anything else that you would like to say?

MN: I’m grateful every single day for being involved with so many wonderful people. I’m humbled by the amount of giving from each of you. I want to take Attune Magazine to the next level not only for myself but for each of you too! For me, this is all connected. Please help spread the word about the fundraiser and thank you for supporting my dream of bringing many tribes together.

This is a worthwhile project, with an achievable goal. Visit the fundraising page, see what is going on … and jump in!

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Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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