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Northwest Tarot Symposium – Part 3

Northwest Tarot Symposium – Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2, I shared my impressions of this awesome symposium from an overall perspective, and took a closer look at the presenters. In Part 3, I will be sharing thoughts on the vendors. Overall thought – they were awesome!

Ailynn – Carried the Queens of Tarot aromatherapy sprays (for all four Queens and the Moon).

Amaris Rising ( – Carried Tarot, crystal, and potion bags, crystal pendulums, and more!

Cat’s Eye – Carried hand-crafted Tarot decks and hand painted Lenormand boards and cloths.

Charlene DeLong – Carried New Earth Tarot deck and books, along with hand crafted crystal necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Chocolate Fandango – Everybody’s favorite stop! Incredible chocolate treats, including chocolate bark, truffles, and gift sets, with milk, dark and white chocolates.

Christine Payne-Towler and Toni Gilbert – Carried The Underground Stream and Tarot of the Hoy Light books and decks, with readings by Christine and Toni.

Crystal Quarry – Carried crystals, rocks, and minerals in many forms, including points, spheres, clusters, runes, chakra sets, and more!

Devera Publishing – This wonderful booth featured no only self-published decks, books, and learning cards, but also carried displays from U.S. Games Systems Inc. and Schiffer Publishing.

Divine Muses – Carried hand-made, self-published collage motif Tarot and Lenormand decks.

Divining/Designing – Carried an assortment of Goddess bracelets, necklaces, Lenormand charm bracelets, Tarot and Lenormand bags.

Gaean Allusions Pottery – Carried wheel-thrown, hand decorated stoneware, goblets, mugs, and plates, clay amulets, beads, and buttons, featuring New Tarot-themed designs, as well as Celtic, Pagan, Fantasy, and NW Native American.

Global Mineral – Carried rocks, minerals, stones, and jewelry. (Yes, I added to my stock of rose quartz! One can never have too much rose quartz!)

James Wanless – Carried several goodies, including his Sustain Yourself deck and companion book.

Other Worlds of Wonder – Carried Pagan and humor bumper stickers, wood burning art, Native American cards, totem cards, and framed house spells.

Pye Wackets – Carried alternative, earth based spiritual tools. Intuitive readings were available from Reverend Camille Moritz, Oracle and crystal divination from Rondell, and Oracle, Angel Card, and aromatherapy with Sheila.

Rare Earth Designs – Carried wood and leather journals, Runes, oghams, geomancy sets, boxes, cases, wands, Ouija boards, and fiber arts tools.

Raven’s Reflections – Offered oracle readings with her own uniquely designed divination cards.

Rosarium  Blends – Carried hand-crafted ritual incense, naturalperfumes, enchanting oil blends, and erotic apothecary goods and accessories.

Tarot of Empowerment – Featured the Tarot of Empowerment deck and book set, card prints, greeting cards, and more!

The Guiding Tree – Carried statuary, home décor, alter decorations, ritual tools, Tarot boxes, and body/mind/spirit products.

The Green Wolf – Carried costumes, ritual tools (made from hides, bones and skulls), and books.

Disclaimer: No, I do not have a wonderful memory, and no, I did not take good notes! Complete credit for the above (except for any errors!) goes to the awesome Jadzia DeForest, who included this comprehensive listing of the Vendor’s Bazaar in the NWTS printed programme.

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