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Review: Astrology In Tarot

Astrology In Tarot

Author: Alison Coals
Independently Published
ASIN #B073H6Y6B2

Astrology In Tarot cover

“Astrology In Tarot” is a 108 page e-book by Astrologer and Tarotist Alison Coals. Not all Tarot readers use astrological associations, as Coals points out in her introduction. But when a reader does decide to use them, they do bring another layer of understanding into a reading. The system that Coals uses is a modification of the system developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Coals notes that not all decks lend themselves to an astrological overlay. It is up to the reader to decide if they want to use astrological associations in a reading, and which deck they wish to work with.

In her prelude to addressing each of the cards, Coals presents the reader with the qualities associated with each of the planets, and each of the signs of the zodiac (starting the year at 0 degrees Aries). There are also charts of each of the signs under Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable; the twelve Major Arcana that are associated with the twelve signs; and the seven Major Arcana that are associated with the seven planets. (The Fool, the Hanged Man, and Judgment are considered to be elemental trumps, associated with Air, Water, and Fire respectively.)

Each individual Tarot card is presented with their astrological associations: for example, the Hanged Man is associated with the element of Water, and linked to the planet Neptune, followed by a short discussion of how the attributes of each association play out in the card.

The Minors start with the Two’s through Ten’s. Each card is presented with the card number and suit name, the associated planet, along with the sign that the planet is in, and an approximate date that the card rules. For example, the Three of Cups is Mercury in Cancer, and rules from the 2nd – 11th of July. This is followed by a discussion of how all of this plays out in the card.

In the Court Cards, the Golden Dawn system assigns Cardinal attributes to the Queens, Fixed attributes to the Kings, and Mutable attributes to the Knights. The presentation for the Kings, Queens, and Knights includes the main energy for the card, along with how the attributes work with it. For example, the Queen of Pentacles is listed as someone who is practical and down to earth. She is associated with Capricorn, a Cardinal Earth sign, and alternately with Taurus, a Fixed Earth sign.

The Aces and Pages are not assigned planets or signs in the Golden Dawn system. Aces are seen as pure elemental quality: Ace of Wands – primal Fire, Ace of Cups – primal Water, Ace of Swords – primal Air, Ace of Pentacles – primal Earth. Pages are associated with the Aces. There is a very nice chart in this section listing the associations between the four quadrants, the four seasons, and the Aces/Pages. An example here would be Aries/Taurus/Gemini, Spring, Ace/Page of Pentacles. Basically what we are seeing here is the seasonal attributes over-laid on the basic energy of the Aces and Pages.

There are appendices listing the astrological correspondences for the Major arcana (planet, sign, and element); the astrological correspondences for the Minor Arcana; Court card astrological correspondences (for the Golden Dawn and for an alternative system); astrological correspondences for the Aces and Pages; references (decks and books); a short bibliography; and a listing of useful resources.

The tone of writing is very light and airy – too light for me, but Coals does get her points across. I would have preferred her to stick with the Golden Dawn system, rather than tossing in different systems as she went along. You probably need to know that I know a minimum of astrology, and while I understood and could follow what Coals was saying, I don’t see the need for adding the astrological layer to a reading. Were I to do so, I would be more inclined to use the Kabbalah and astrology as mutual layers. Astrologers will find this book easy to follow, and of benefit. Those with little to no astrology background will be able to follow the book, but could get easily sidetracked.

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