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Dork Tarot – Entrepreneur Spread

This spread is from Dork Tarot (, and was entered into my contest for the Steampunk Tarot. This spread was designed specifically to determine the success of a new business. Many thanks tot hem for allowing me to share this spread with you. Enjoy!

The Entrepreneur Spread

1     2     3

4     5     6

7     8     9

1. The Idea

2. The Proposal

3. The Venture Capitol

The first row of cards are important for determining the early phases of the company, whether or not they will raise adequate funds, etc.

4. President/Ceo

5. CFO

6. CTO (Lead Architect)

The second row of cards are the Management cards, and they are for the business once it is off the ground. These cards determine how well the management team members work together. For example, a reversed card in the CFO position might indicate someone who isn’t an ideal choice.

7. Implementation

8. Marketing

9. Regulation

The third row, the Execution cards, are Implementation, Marketing and Regulation. Once the company has an actual product, these cards determine their success in the marketplace and whether there are any legal ramifications. For example, a five of wands in the Regulation position might indicate red tape or audits.

Addition note from Dork Tarot: Depending on the field of the business, the meaning of the cards could be flexed a little. A reader might prefer to use “Marketplace Competition” instead of say, Marketing. It’s tempting to add a Board of Directors or IPO to the mix, too, but for a new company those may not be important yet.

(c) May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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