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Review: Revealed by the Letters – Guidance and Prediction by the Hebrew Alphabet

Revealed by the Letters –
Guidance and Prediction by the Hebrew Alphabet

Author: Orma Ben-Shoshan
Artist: Orma Ben-Shoshan
Kabbalah Insights


“Revealed by the Letters” is a 44 card deck based on the Hebrew alphabet. It comes with a 36 page interpretation booklet. It is the “little brother”, if you will, of Ben-Shoshan’s “Tokens of Light”, which was published in 2011. The cards are designed to provide focused answers and practical advice on life’s important questions. The inside page of the interpretation booklet carries an image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, showing the placement of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In her introduction, Ben-Shoshan indicates that according to the Kabbalah, these letters are the building blocks used by the Almighty when creating the world (and everything in it), with each letter representing a certain energetic frequency, and is a world onto itself.

The answers contained within these cards help us to understand the forces that are controlling us at any given point in time, as well as what energies we are about to face. The individual is advised to focus clearly on their question, without any distractions. The answers they receive will be based on the clarity of their question. It is also advised not to ask more than two questions per session. It is also advised to not use the cards merely for entertainment purposes. If the answer received is vague, it may be due to lack of focus on the question, or that you were not meant to receive an answer at this time.


The spreads presented in the Interpretation Booklet are simple One, Two and Three card spreads. It is also recommended that the reader read only for themselves, as this deck is meant for self-consultation. Each card is presented with a discussion of the card, and the advice given to work with the energy within the card.
The cards themselves are small (2 ¼” by 3 3/8”). The backs are a light lavender, with Hebrew lettering in gold. From the top right hand side of the card a hand comes down, with a finger extended that appears to “spark” an area above the letters. The card faces show a ¼” dark lavender border, followed by a thin gold border. The card number is centered at the bottom of the card in white, while the Hebrew letter is centered at the top as a “ghost” (light gray coloring).

Each card is presented with the card number, the associated Hebrew letter, an explanation of the energy of the card as it plays out in life, and advice on how to use the energy. The presentation is text only. There are two cards dedicated to each of the 22 Hebrew letters, representing different aspects of the letter.

The artwork is done in basic colors, with a clean, somewhat fantasy quality to it. It is easy to connect with the imagery.


I love card 2 (Aleph). Here we see the back of a lively character appearing to enter the frame of a picture. From the book – Aleph is all about taking a new direction in order to scape a pressing reality, rather than dealing with it. The advice given is: “Appreciate the people who truly love you. Do not take unnecessary risks! Take a step back and reconsider your moves carefully.”


Number 8 (Dalet) speaks of the individual having a sense of impending scarcity, which leads them to hanging on, and being stingy. The advice given here is: “Scarcity is a matter of attitude only. Keep the door open in both directions – giving and receiving, and thus you will take part in the cycle of life. Do not withdraw alone to your fortress, show interest in what’s actually going on around you and you will find the positive and beautiful things in life. In the area of health, a thorough and accurate diagnosis should be conducted by a specialist to a medical problem that might arise.”


Number 19 (Yod) talks about an abrupt energy release, a spark that ignited plans into being. The advice given here is: “If you get stuck half-way and you cannot remember what led you into a situation that squeeze you from all of your energies, look back to the starting point. If you remember the cause and the source, you can return to the right path that will lead you to the goal.”


Number 33 (Peh) says that destinies are determined by the power of the spoken word. Whoever has good verbal skills and compelling and authoritative speech, shall come out the winner. The advice here is: “Speak openly, say what is on your heart, and express in exact words what you think or feel. Life and death are in the power of the tongue: Your mouth and speech can grant you control, or – on the other hand – might destroy you.”


Number 43 (Tav) speaks of the end of the race, termination of a process, closure of accounts and drawing conclusions. The advice given here is: “Avoid arrogance due to your talent or achievements, do not patronize or set apart above others, or take advantage of your power against people that you feel are inferior to you.”

This is a very strong and helpful deck. I really do appreciate the advice to only read for yourself, due to the nature of the cards. Our journey through life after all, is an introspective one.

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