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The World of Magazines

magazines cover

What do magazines have to tell us? What place do they serve in our lives? There are all kinds of magazines, from the very, very general to the very, very specific. Today I am going to talk about magazines that focus on the world of divination – specifically Tarot, Lenormand, and oracle decks. We are going to look at two publications – The Cartomancer, a print quarterly that will have its birth into the real world in January of 2015, and Attune Magazine, a digital quarterly that has been with us for some time now.

The Cartomancer

The Cartomancer is a print quarterly, founded by Jadzia and Jay DeForest (Devera Publishing). The focus is on Tarot, the Lenormand, and oracle decks. The magazine will include articles, columns, book and deck reviews, art, advertising, and more. In a sense of transparency, I need to tell you that I am on the editorial staff. I will be contributing to the magazine, and I encourage all of you that have something to offer to submit your work too! You can also advertise your work here, which I think is a huge bonus, as the magazine is targeted to a specific audience. I am looking forward to seeing how well this magazine does. For more information, here is the link to The Cartomancer website. There is also a Facebook group that can be found here.

Atune Magazne cover

Attune Magazine is a digital quarterly founded by Mary Nale and Bill Back. The focus is on Tarot, the Lenormand, and oracle decks, as well as other things within the world of divination. The magazine includes articles, columns, book and deck reviews, poetry, videos, advertising, and more. Attune Magazine is also targeted to a specific audience, so advertising here is a bonus for your work. This magazine just keeps getting better and better! or more information, here is the ink to Attune Magazine. They also have a Facebook group which can be found here.

So, why exactly do I find magazines interesting, if not essential? Magazines put in one small space a lot of information on defined topics. I subscribe to fashion magazines, to financial magazines, to whatever magazines ill in the niche where I feel that I need information. I like the mix of text and images in magazines, and the articles are (usually) of a length where I can read  them in one sitting. I have gotten a tremendous amount of ideas from magazines – they have expanded my thinking, and my world. With these two specific magazines, we have the opportunity to express ourselves, and to grow both personally and professionally. I hope that you take the time to check them both out!

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October Tarot Links

Tarot blog

Tarot is much more than a masquerade of cardboard cards … it is a tool of empowerment that is available to individuals to express their own wisdom. The two following links are to Tarot based horoscopes from two amazingly unique individuals. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Hazel – Third Rick Almanac

J Jordan Hioggard – Tarotscopes

Continuing with Jordan,

Inner State Highway (Talk Show)

Totally renovated landing page … totally awesome information!

Attune Magazine – Mary Nale (Editor)

On a non-Tarot, but totally awesome note: Please join Mary Nale, Brad Tesh, and I this Friday when we host the awesome author Barbara Berger on “Sessions” – it’s all about relationships!

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Tarot Past & Future!



This is going to be a short post – about Tarot past, and Tarot future. Let’s start with Tarot future! As a community we have 13 days left to help fund hte second printing of a phenomenal deck – the Portland Tarot! The indiegogo campaign is very well thought out, with an absolute ton of options for donating! There is only 13 days left, and the campaign has not reached 50%. Whether you simply want to donate what you can, or gift yourself (or someone else) with this wonderful deck, please act now! Theresa Pridemore and Jamie Morris have worked very hard on this deck and companion book … I for one would love to see them succeed! Here it the link – Portland Tarot.


A flash from the past – from the Thursday Night Tarot – Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magician.

A foray back into the future – the October issue of Attune Magazine (founder/editor Mary Nale) isdue out this next week! You can find it here.

Do whatever you can to be active and contribute to the Tarot community!


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BATS, Gift Catalog’s & More!


Sending good thoughts to Thalassa, and to  BATS, which is happening the weekend of August 17th and 18th in San Jose, CA. This marks the 22nd year for BATS. My personal thanks to everyone that is helping to support this event!

I had a major coup yesterday when iTunes decided to recognize my iPhone! As a result, I have <ahem> a few Tarot apps to play with now! Woo Hoo! Doing the happy dance! Reviews coming up, starting with Karyn Easton’s apps for the Tarot Lovers’ Tarot!

Not strictly Tarot related, but I am co-hosting (along with Brad Tesh and Mary Nale) Sessions, a monthly Blog Talk Radio Show under the auspices of Mary Nale and Attune Magazine. Sessions can be found here. Stay tuned – September’s Sessions will feature a journey lead by Brad Tesh!

I would also like to chat for a moment about Attune Magazine, an e-magazine founded and edited by my good friend Mary Nale. This is a quarterly magazine, which focuses on a theme for each edition. The theme for October is the Wheel of Fortune. Mary accepts articles, poetry, videos, reviews,interviews … on all subjects metaphysical. Please contact her if you have an idea that you would like to explore. You can read more about Attune here. The July 2013 edition of Attune can be found here. Articles and advertising need to reach Mary by September 1st for inclusion in the October edition.

Advertising? Yes, Mary accepts advertising, and it is very cost effective! You can do a simple biz card, a 1/4 page, 1/2 page, or full page ad, or do a video. Overwhelmed by all of that? For a reasonable fee,Mary can help set this  up for you!

Attention everyone who is marketing products for the holidays! Mary is doing a holiday gift catalog, which will be available from October 15th through December 1st. More information can be found here.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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A Challenge From Me To All Tarotists!

Attune Magazine


I read a post yesterday from Mary Nale, founder and editor of Attune Magazine and Attune Magazine Radio. Mary and I have worked together for a long time now. Mary was letting us know that she is hav ing a very difficult time keeping the magazine and radio show going financially. My heart just hit rock bottom – why had I not realized this? Why had I not stepped up on my own? I want you all to read Mary’s thoughts in her own words. Here is the link to her post: Attune Magazine Needs Your Help.

Mary states that she has come to the end of her financial resources, and needs help to keep going. I felt very bad that I had not realized this sooner, and that I had to be asked to step up. Mary is the one who talked me through hosting many classes in the Attune classroom. has accepted my work for her magazine, and hosted me on her show many times. All of this cost me nothing but my time.

I made an immediate decision. I sent a donation as soon as I read her post (there is a donation button on the Attune home page), and committed to ads on a continuing basis for my books. I am always happy when I find an individual (or group) that I can donate to with good conscience, and I needed to up my game from free to paid promotions for my books. For me, this was all a given.

Mary Nale

I am going to tell you some things about Mary. She is a single mother with two daughters in their early twenties. She also has a lovely grandson named Shane. Mary is responsible for her entire household. She takes what time she has left and devotes it to her passions – Tarot, other forms of divination, and self-improvement. She actively searches for links in these areas, and shares them on a regular basis. She puts together a quarterly magazine on diverse subjects, including articles, reviews, interviews, videos, and more. She offers advertising space at a very affordable rate, and is willing to help people set their ads up.

She also hosts Attune Magazine Radio on Blog Talk Radio every Saturday morning. Recent topics include dreams (with Amanda Goldston), weight loss (with Amanda Goldston), an interview with Brad Tesh and myself about our new book (Seek Joy … Toss Confetti”), and Tiptoeing Through the Tarot (with Koneta Bailey). All of these shows are informational, and they are all archived for future listening.

Mary also does reviews herself, and mentors people on how to get their work and themselves out in front of the public. I should also mention that Mary offers readings through Skype or by phone!

I am hoping that each of you reading this blog will help in any way that you can. Sometimes we just don’t have money to donate … in which case I would ask that you send a prayer up that as a community we are able to save this valuable resource.

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Mary Nale – Identify Blocks Using Birth Card Pairs Spread

I want to thank Mary Nale for this entry into my Steampunk Tarot contest – for her originality, and for using the dual Tarot Birth Card system as its basis! Also, many thnaks for allowing me to share this spread! Kudos!

Identify Blocks Using Birth Card Pairs Spread

Placing the Birth Card Pairs: Place one below the spread and one on top of the spread

Three Cards and what they indicate:

What is keeping me from moving forward? Card 1 in center

What can I do to move forward? Card 2 on left

What is the lesson here? Card 3 on right

This Spread will be especially awesome using the Steampunk Tarot!!!!!

Adding Birth Card Pairs to a simple three card reading can help you identify traits in the person you’re reading for and also it can shed light on issues that might otherwise remain hidden.
Some prefer to place the Birth Cards at the top or off to the side of the spread. I like the way this spread looks and feels when layed out this way. If you happen to know the person you’re reading for, you could place the positive Birth Card at the top and the negative/shadow aspects card at the bottom or dominant and non dominant…play with it! You won’t believe how much more you can get from reading three cards this way.
I’ve used the Tarot of Dreams Deck created by Ciro Marchetti to illustrate the spread with Major Arcana Cards.
And to make the cards look extra nice I used a screenshot from: Orphalese
Special thanks to Bonnie Cehovet for writing a wonderful book on Birth Cards!
Tarot, Birth Cards, and You: Keys to Empowering Yourself

(c) May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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My Tarot World

This is the inaugural post for my new Tarot blog. I decided to start a blog that was dedicated to working with the Tarot, rather than mixing those posts in with my reviews. The reviews will remain on my other site – –, and, of course, on

There are a couple of very interesting things going on right now in the Tarot world – both of which originated in the delightful imagination of Tarotist Amethyst Mahoney! Amethyst asked individuals within the Tarot community if they wished to participate in a Valentine’s Day Give-Away, and she got a resoundingly positive result! Many Tarotists on both sides of the pond have contributed articles, spreads, stories, and e-books – all free for downloading! (In honor of transparency, yes, I contributed an e-book to the mix myself! Blatant self-promotion!) You can see how to get the download here:
Amethyst is working with Mary Nale and “Attune Magazine” on a very special Valentine’s Day edition! This will contain many more contributions from the Tarot community. Check that out here –

I have come across a Tarot blog that I think is equal parts wisdom, humor, and professionalism, and I would like to share it with you –, by Lena Ruth Stefanovic. Read down to her descriptions of the types of Tarot readers, and the people that come to them. Absolutely hysterical!

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