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Review – My Tarot Journal

My Tarot Journal

Author: Katrina de Witt
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ISBN #978-1447622292

I believe that I have just come across one of the most valuable tools that a Tarot student (or a Tarot reader) could have in Katrina de Witt’s “My Tarot Journal”. At 11 inches by 8.5 inches, and 490 pages, this is a book to be reckoned with! The cover backs its up – a white background, with the image of a Raven with its wings spread over a central image, that of a woman, dressed in black, with a Raven on her left wrist. In the upper right hand corner of the image we see the limbs of a tree, with a full moon behind it.

The front page makes one sit up and take note – under the heading “My Tarot Journal” it has a line for the journal keeper’s name, the date the journal was started on, and the deck that was used. All levels of Tarot student will feel at home using this journal, and the template is set up so that all styles of Tarot decks (Rider-Waite-Smith, Rider-Waite-Smith derivatives, Thoth and Marseille) can be used.

This journal is the journal keeper’s journal – i.e. the individual that keeps the journal will decide how it is to be used. You can study an entire deck, individual cards, record readings, and much more! Your imagination is the limit here! Don’t limit yourself to your deck and its companion book – bring in any resources that you wish – Tarot, Runes, I Ching – your only limitations are the ones that you place on yourself.

The presentation for each card starts with a blank page. De Witt suggests that this page may be used to be creative – to define the image of the card as you see it. The book is a large one, so you could place a scan of the card (or the card itself) on one part of the page, and a collage of the card’s energy, or a personal drawing, elsewhere on the page.

There is a template presented for each card, including the following categories:

Keywords/Reversed Keywords
Personal Description
Significant Details
Color Symbolism
Symbolic Correspondences
Astrological Correspondence
Numerological Correspondence
Rune Correspondence
I Ching Correspondence
Elemental Correspondence
Alchemical Correspondence
Cabalistic Correspondence
General Interpretation
Person and Personality Traits
Work, Career, Education
Finances and Home
Personal Relationships
Health and Healing
Path Working

At the beginning of each suit of cards, the following categories are presented:

Zodiac Signs
Elemental Spirit
Human Experience
Psychological Function
Life Stage
Highest Power
Areas of Influence
Less or Absent (suit)
More or Excessive (suit)
Strengthened By
Weakened By
(+) Positive
(-) Negative

I love the template for this book! I do plan to work with it – I just need to decide which deck I want to use. The emphasis for me will be on the Cabalistic connections, the Tree of Life, and Path Working. Each individual using this book will define what they want to do with it. Dream big!

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