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Review: Eternal Seeker Oracle

Author: Pamela Steele

Artist: Pamela Steele

Red Feather


ISBN# 978-0764361258

“The Eternal Seeker Oracle” is a 33-card oracle deck that comes with a 128-page companion book. Cards and deck come in a sturdy box with a magnetic closure on the long side.

The 33 cards, inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot, are meant to act as a tool for enlightenment, a tool that will help the reader gather fragments of themselves, and bring them together in a healing manner. The intense colors and symbols in this deck are meant to speak to the reader on a soul level.

What we experience in this deck are the Major Arcana from the Tarot, along with 11 additional cards. Through the archetypes, and through Steele’s expert use of imagery, color, and flashes of fantasy, the reader is gifted with the ability to move forward to new levels of self-awareness.

In the foreword, Benebell Wen addresses something that everyone who follows Steele’s work has noted, and that is that as an artist Steele is able to open portals to other worlds. Wen also notes that The Eternal Seeker Acts as a sage grandmother sharing her wisdom.

The cards themselves are 3 ½” by 5”, of sturdy, glossy cardstock. They are borderless, which I appreciated, as they make it effortless to enter the cards for journeying or meditation. The card backs feature the Fibonacci Spiral (Sequence), also known as the Golden Ratio, or the Golden Mean.

The cards are based on the archetypes of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Steele notes in the companion book that each archetype came to life with a purpose and a title, along with sounds and movements. Titles for the cards in this deck include The Weaver, Rebirth, Magus, Attachments, and hope.

The book that accompanies the deck begins with a page that I consider very important and that is Reader’s Ethics, followed by pages on what an oracle is, how to respect the oracle, keeping a journal, composing questions, shuffling and dealing the cards, and several templates for oracle spreads.

Each card is presented with a full color image, the Tarot card that it was inspired by, the essence of the card, Guidelines (how to interpret the card in an upright position) and Reversed (how to interpret the card in a reversed position). The is room for notes at the end of each presentation.

At the end of the book is a section on Resources, including Wicca Symbols, the Elder Futhark, and Internet sites that were used for reference.

This small (33 card) deck presents the reader with an excellent tool for exploration of self, and for personal growth. It can be used alone, or with any other divination tool. While the masculine and the feminine is balanced, this lovely deck can be seen as Goddess inspired. It can be used as a daily draw, a tool for divination (the spreads presented are gentle pushes to “get real” with yourself), or for meditation.

The colors and imagery are extremely well done and will appeal to a broad spectrum of people (of all ages and backgrounds). This is a journey that we can take infinite times and learn something new each time.

Note: This is not part of my review, but I would like to share Pamela Steele’s interview with Red Feather. Excellent questions, excellent responses, excellent interaction! An incredible interview!

© April 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

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What Does The Ace oof Wands Tell Us About Life As We Know It?


The Steele Wizard Tarot, by Pamela Steele, 2006

This is one of my favorite decks, and I have not worked with it in a long time, so I asked it to share its wisdom with me today. I drew a random card for what we need to know about the world around us on this day, and how we can maintain a semblance of sanity during a pandemic that is keeping us sheltered at home, with many not working, scared about finances, health, relationships, and a myriad of other things. This is a lovely, clean-cut Ace, with the green leaves of new life surrounding it.

I love the sense of power that we see here, and the feeling of conscious thinking. We are at the beginning of a new phase of life globally. Changes that are coming will affect all people and all cultures. It is amazing to see the photos of wild animals coming back to roam in areas that urban sprawl had taken over. The canals in Italy are running clear, and are populated with dolphins. In Yosemite National Park we are seeing coyotes, bobcats, and bears reclaiming their territory. In north Wales, goats are coming down from the hills and taking over the streets. Without air pollution, we can actually see the land around us. Will this last once the pandemic is past its peak, and we are back at work and out in the streets? Probably not, but we are being given a clear view of what climate change is all about, and how we as humans brought it about. It is a thump on our head to change our ways!

We can be reborn, we can do things better, we can be better stewards of Mother Earth. Our current crisis has myriad pieces – medical, financial, political, educational. We can fully expect all of those major areas to see huge changes in the near future. Why did we not listen to the experts? Why were we not prepared? Why did we deny what we knew was coming?

It is of interest that the seven countries that have handled this crisis best are all headed by women (Germany –  Angela Merkel, Taiwan – Tsai Ing-wen, Norway – Erna Sloberg, New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern, Finland – Sanna Marin, Iceland – Katrin Jakobsdottir, Denmark – Mette Federiksen).

We need to accept that we have the power to change, and that while reality after the coronavirus will not be the same as reality before the coronavirus, it will be our reality, and it is filled with many possibilities. Many individuals, and many businesses (large and small) have stepped up to help people through this crisis. We have breweries making hand sanitizer, Formula 1 teams working to design and produce a breathing device called a CPAP to help those affected by the coronavirus, clothing designers putting their people to work on face masks. The list is endless.

I feel hope in the Ace of Wands that we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and move forward with purpose.

Here is a link to a guide that will help you prepare for sheltering in place –

(c) April 2020 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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Chocolates Starring At The Northwest Tarot Symposium!


Image “borrowed” from Casey Scanlon on Facebook! She is the lovely lady that will be manning the vendor table with the chocolates!

I am sure the chocolates got your attention! Jadzia and Jay DeForest (founders of Devera Publishing) are presenting what we all hope will be an annual event this coming March – the Northwest Tarot Symposium. The focus, however, is not limited to Tarot – also included are oracles and the Lenormand. The Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) will be held at the Monarch Hotel in Portland, Oregon, March 6th – 8th 2015.

This years presenters include Barbara Moor, James Wanless, Julie Cuccia-Watts, Jadzia DeForest, Jay DeForest, Jaymi Elford, Toni Gilbert, Miriam Jacobs, Mellissae Lucia, Marcia McCord, Heather Mendel, Teresa Michelsen, Carrie Paris, Christine Payne-Towler, Leeza Robertson and Amy Barilla, Casey Scanlon, Major Tom Schick and Valentina Burton, Pamela Steele, Carmen Waterman, Courtney Weber, and Katrina Wynne.

There will be vendors carrying books, cards, decks, ritual tools, jewelry, crystals, statuary, Tarot boxes, aromatherapy sprays, chocolates (ilk, dark, and white), learning cards, and more!

A potlatch table will be available, where people can place decks and books to be given away, or they can pick up a deck or book that they may not have, but are interested in.

Pamela Steele (The Steele Wizard Tarot, The Wizard’s Pets Tarot) is the driving force behind an incredible silent art auction – this will be a first for me, and I am really looking forward to it!

Enough for now! Check all of this out, then make your reservations post haste! Hope to see you all there!

Event Page on Facebook – Northwest Tarot Symposium

Community Page on Facebook – Northwest Tarot Symposium

Internet Site – NW Tarot Symposium

Northwest Tarot Symposium – Registration

(c) 2000 – 2015 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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Review – Wizard’s Pets Tarot

The Wizard’s Pets Tarot

Author: Pamela Steele
Artist: Pamela Steele
Devera Publishing


“Awaken your inner Wisdom.
Believe in yourself.
Connect to your highest truth.”

(The ABC’s of Tarot.

The Wizard’s Pets Tarot is the latest deck from artist/author Pamela Steele (The Wizard’s Tarot). The kit contains a 78 card playing card size deck that follows the Rider/Waite/Smith tradition, a companion book, and a black and white coloring book. The box is heavy duty cardboard, with a magnetic close on the right hand side. The cover shows a pictures of The Fool, while the back contains information about the deck, along with quotes from Den Elder, Juno Lucina, and Erik C. Dunne.

The thought process for this lovely deck evolved from the antics of Steele’s children when they were young. It started with the painting of a baby dragon as a gift for a baby shower, which morphed into requests for dragons doing all sorts of things! In 2010, Steele wrote and illustrated three children’s books (incredible books!) based on dragon characters. In 2012 Steele’s then nine year old granddaughter asked for a Tarot deck. When told she would have to wait (Steele could not find a deck that she felt was appropriate for children), Paige (Steele’s granddaughter) asked her grandmother to make a deck for her. What grandmother could refuse! And so … we have the Wizard’s Pets Tarot!

The companion book starts out with a foreword from Kim Huggens (The Complete Guide to the Tarot Illuminati). She talks about falling in love with the Tarot at the age of nine, and her desire for a deck that she could relate to. In the “Wizard’s Pets Tarot”, Huggens has found a deck that appeals to her inner child, and calls the cards playful, mystical, and welcoming. She talks about the immersive world that Steele has created with this deck, and the magic and wisdom contained within. Seriousness, combined with playfulness, joy, and creativity.

Also included in the companion book are sections on What Is Tarot?, Tarot Myths and Truths, Tarot Ethics, caring for your Tarot deck, Asking Questions, and more. Spreads include a three card Past/Present/Future spread, a four card Decision Making Spread, the six card Soul Quest spread, and the ten card Celtic Cross spread.

Each card is presented with a color photo, a few words on the nature of the card, Guidelines, Reversed, and Instincts (questions for the individual being read for). Note: in all transparency, I need to let readers know that I had the honor to develop the questions for each card.


The cards are 2 ½” by 3 ½”, with a lovely linen finish. The backs feature a black background, with a slender blue inner border, followed by a wider green border in a celtic pattern, and a slim lavender inner border. In the center we see two trees of life, mirrored to each other, so that the card is reversible. The card faces are free of borders, and show the card title/suit at the bottom. The artwork follows the Rider/Waite/Smith pattern, with some cards given over to delightful dragons.

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0002

The Magician carries the thought “As you think, you create.” The guidelines talk about creating through desire, and manifesting thought into form. Reversed talks about misuse of abilities and talents. Instincts includes the question “What do you want to create in your life?”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0003

The Hermit carries the thought “Your heart knows the truth.” The guidelines talk about confidence and inner wisdom. Reversed talks about immaturity, and rejection of wisdom. Instincts includes the question “What are you refusing to listen to?”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0004

Judgement carries the thought “Time to reinvent yourself.” The guidelines talk about awakening on many levels. Reversed talks about ear of change. Instincts includes the question “Why do you doubt yourself?”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0005

The Page of Wands carries the thought “Be confident the news that you need is coming.” The guidelines talk about information coming from a new source, or perhaps a birth. Reversed talks about news pertaining to blockage in growth. Instincts includes the question “What new sources are coming your way?”

 Wizard's Pets Tarot_0006

The Queen of Pentacles carries the thought “Comfort and security crate a feeling of home.” The guidelines talk about intelligence, security, and creativity. Reversed talks about self-pity leading to lack of abundance. Instincts includes the question “Where are you being creative?”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0007

The Queen of Swords carries the thought “You are stronger than you think.” The guidelines talk about strength and honor. Reversed talks about energy directed at chaos and destruction. Instincts includes the question “Where do you need to be flexible?”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0008

The Six of Cups carries the thought “Learn from the past.” The guidelines talk about a pleasant meeting with someone from the past, or a memory from the past. Reversed talks about the inability to adapt to change, and the emotional failure that follows. Instincts includes the question “What memories from my past are coming to me”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0009

The Two of Swords carries the thought “Overthinking a situation causes confusion.” The guidelines talk about being at a stalemate. Reversed talks about a release of tension. Instincts includes the question “Where do you need balance in your life?”

The Wizard’s Pets Tarot opens up a whole new world, with characters such as Edlyn Whiteoak, Sydney Brightscales, Jasper Stripetail, and Emo Rattlebush. I love the feel of the deck, and the small size. The coloring book takes the understanding of the cards to a whole other level. Suitable for you, your children, your grandchildren, and anyone that wants to connect with their inner child.

© 2000 – 2015 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.

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Things Coming Up …

High Deck

This post is a mix of things coming up, and a short Tarot reading. We will lead off with the “High Deck”, from Arthur Amberstone and Wald Amberstone. I have this lovely deck in hand, but have not started reading the companion book or working with the cards yet. Subtitled “A New Universe Of Symbols”, its very being is symbolic. It is a work that developed between Wald Amberstone and his father, Arthur, which to me means a great deal. That Wald was able to bring this into the world to share with others is a true gift!

Lenormand Revolution

Please excuse the image for this deck … my copy is on its way, and I could not find a better pic! This lovely deck, from Carrie Paris and Roz Foster, is a traditional Lenormand deck. Each card features a French title with an English translation. I very much look forward to both reviewing it and working with it!

Prescient Remembrance

The following is something very new for me … so new that I am not sure that I am qualified to review it! Many of you will recognize Jordan Hoggard as the creative force behind the Mystereum Tarot. He has begun what is planned as a ten volume story series entitled “Prescient Remembrance”. Done in poetry format (which is where the “I am not qualified to review this.” comes in), it is about the centuries long search of a Vampire. I have volumes One and Two, and they are riveting! See more here – “Prescient Remembrance“.

These are things that are upcoming. For “real time”, I would like to do a three card reading. I will focus it on relationship, as that is such a large part of any readers work. I defined the cards as follows:

1. Partner Number One
2. Partner Number Two
3. The Relationship Between Them

Cards drawn, from the “Steele Wizard Tarot” (Pamela Steele, Second Edition, 2006

1. Justice
2. King of Wands
3. Five of Pentacles

There is indeed some stuff going on here! Partner Number One feels that the relationship is out of balance in some way, and needs to be corrected. Partner Number Two is showing some strong fiery energy – he wants his own way! Their relationship is in a bit of chaos – each partner seems to feel isolated, and there are underlying issues of personal insecurity, as well as financial/material insecurity.

SW Five of Wands

I drew one more card – the energy this couple could use to bring their relationship into balance. The card drawn was the Five of Wands. Now, how is chaotic energy going to be used to balance chaotic energy? he first thing we want to look at is the energy of the suits – we are balancing a very earthy energy with the energy of Fire. We are adding passion to the mix! We are also adding a sense of competition and conflict. If these individuals are willing to look at what is causing the conflict in their relationship, they can move forward. Once they realize they are not in competition, that they function as a couple, they can move past their personal insecurities and work on the financial issues.

© 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

All material on this site is copyright by Bonnie Cehovet, and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission.


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Valentine’s Day – The Lovers

The Lovers

7 lovers

Note: This post was written for Pamela Steele’s “Steele Wizard Tarot” Facebook Group. 

Valentine’s Day is here, and we are looking at the card of the Lover’s. On the surface, one might automatically think romantic love, and certainly that is a part of this card. In the archetype of the Lovers we find gentleness and harmony, a union of male and female. We need to remember that this union can be with another individual, or it can be the union of our own male and female energies.

The Lovers is about making important choices … not just romantic choices, but choices in all areas of our life. The process here is an intuitive one, as opposed to a logical one, and the choices are generally of a dualistic nature.

When functioning well, the Lovers speaks of peace and harmony, of choices made that support the Seeker on their path. The Seeker is able to operate from a loving place, and make responsible decisions.

However, when the Lovers card is not functioning well, the Seeker could be indecisive, conflicted, and prone to not being able to trust. This is not a good time for making choices, as they will tend to be irresponsible ones.

With the Lovers, we can be looking at how we live our outer life, and whether or not our outer life is in conflict with our inner life. What mask(s) are we presenting to the world? What mask(s) are we presenting to ourselves?

On this Valentine’s Day, we want to look at the bond we have with ourselves before we look at any bonds we may have with another.

Questions that we may want to look at include:

  • How free do I feel?
  • Is there a sense of balance in my life?
  • How comfortable am I with making decisions?
  • How do I feel about my relationships (romantic, work, family, friends)?
  • Do I feel empowered in my relationships?
  • How well am I communicating?

Affirmation for this Valentine’s Day:

I accept love into my life unconditionally.

Image from the Steele Wizard Tarot (Pamela Steele, 2011).

© 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

All material on this site is copyright by Bonnie Cehovet, and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission.

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Review – The Steele Wizard Tarot – Second Edition

The Steele Wizard Tarot – Second Edition

Author: Pamela Steele
Artist: Pamela Steele
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-4507-1642-0

Hold the Keys to Self Knowledge –

Unlock the Mysteries to Your Personal Reality,

Begin the Journey to Self-Discovery, Self-Empowerment,

& Self-Mastery

~ Pamela Steele

This is the Second Edition of the Steele Wizard Tarot. Slightly smaller than the original version (3 ½ “ by 5”, versus 4” by 5 ½”), it carries the same high quality and vibrant artwork. The signature dragons on the card backs are now gold-toned, adding a wonderful touch of elegance to the cards! (I adore black and gold! Think black velvet dress, with gold shoes, purse, and earrings!)

Pamela describes her deck much better than I ever could! From the Steele Wizard Tarot site:

The Steele Wizard Tarot is a Masterfully illustrated 88-card deck with additional Court Cards & Major Arcana that provide a clear, concise reading eliminating any doubts the Seeker or the Reader may have about the Message. 

Discover your untapped potential in the Maidens and Journey beyond Duality with the extended Major Arcana.

Whether a beginning or a master tarot reader, the Steele Wizard Tarot will prove to be an invaluable tool with each cards’ illustration designed to access the knowledge of the Inner Spirit.

The “Steele Wizard Tarot” is formatted along traditional lines, with the following exceptions: the Court cards include the addition of Maiden between the Page and the Knight, and six additional cards in the Major Arcana – XXII The Weaver, XXIII The Universe, XXIV Truth, XXV Soul Twins, XXVI Evolution, and XXVII I AM. The following Major Arcana titles were changed: Death becomes Transition, and the Devil becomes Materialism.

Note: The Maiden represents potential within each suit: Wands –  “potential for growth”, Cups – “creative potential”, Swords – “potential leadership abilities”, and Pentacles – “potential scholar or teacher”.

Note: Meanings for the additional Major Arcana cards are: The Weaver (XXII) represents your destiny, and where you are on your path. The Universe (XXIII) speaks of the ability to access the Creative Forces of the Void. Truth (XXIV) speaks of the Seeker recognizing their own Life Truth. Soul Twins (XXV) speaks of Self-knowing and of acknowledging Self. Evolution (XXVI) speaks of experiencing creation … of knowing where and why you belong. I AM (XXVII) speaks of knowing the Divinity within, and being able to manifest it in outward expression.

The suits are Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, with the Court Cards entitled Page, Knight, Queen, and King. The Major Arcana carry traditional titles (with the exceptions noted above), Strength is VIII, and Justice XI.

The cards are 3 ½” by 5” (a large size for smaller hands), and come in a sturdy box with an image of the Universe on the front, and deck information on the back. Just picking the box up, the image itself draws you completely into a brave new world! The card backs are black, featuring double Celtic dragons in a gold metallic tone. The card backs are reversible.

There is no companion book that comes with this deck, however, a companion  e-book is available for download from the site –  Go to the purchase page for the download link. The companion book is text only, no images. After a short introduction, Pamela has included a wonderful Code of Ethics which is basically for the individual receiving the reading. IMHO, it is important that our clients know what their rights are, and understand that the best reading is an interactive one.

The cards are presented with both guidelines and reversed meanings. From the e-book:

The Hermit –

Guidelines: Guidance from Spirit or Higher Powers. Inner wisdom. Expert advice. The ability to find wisdom on other planes of existence. Open-mindedness. Your spirit guide is manifesting telling you to pay attention.

 Reversed: Immaturity. Narrow mindedness. Rejection of wisdom. Being ruled by the opinions of others against one’s own better judgment. Ignoring the signs around you. Not listening to your personal truth. You have all the pieces of the puzzle, now you must put them together.

The card faces show a black background, with beautiful b order around the images. The border for the Major Arcana features a double ended white crystal along the bottom with the card name in black text, and a white crystal against a lavender background across the top, with the card number in black Roman numerals, The Minor Arcana shows a black background, with a curved border. The borders are color coded: Wands/Orange, Cups/Silver, Swords/Blue, and Pentacles/Gold. The card name and number are written in black text across a white crystal.

The cards are done in soft water color pastels, and present a very gentle, harmonious way of looking at life. You feel comfortable with them, an d your clients will too! The day that I received this deck I had an e-mail reading to do for a long time client. Significant things were happening in this client’s life, and I felt that this particular deck, at this particular time, gave the clearest reading possible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of the cards in this deck drew me in, but the following cards were among the most powerful:

The Ten of Cups: Features a male figure, in a purple shirt, with his arms around a woman in a yellow dress, holding a baby.  Ten cups are arched around them, with green grass and trees in the background, and red flowers in the foreground.

The Sun: Features a white horse with golden wings spread, emergin from a yellow/orange sun, over a low gray wall, with sunflowers in front of it.

The Universe: What an awesome card! It features a tree, with branches going into the sky, and into the ground. A female figure is at the centerof the tree, with her arms raised. Behind the tree is a black night sky,with stars.

The Four of Cups: A female figure, in a purple dress, with her hands behind her back, stands in front of a tree. From behind the tree comes the Devil, offering four upright cups on a platter to the female figure.

I AM: Features seven concentric circles of color (the seven colors of the chakras) around a pair of eyes set against a yellow background.

Ace of Pentacles: Features a tree stump, with a circle in the middle. Green growth is coming from the tree, and encircling the white circle. In the middle of the circle is a yellow pentacle.

The Fool: Features a figure in brown boots, red pants, and a blue shirt. There is a knapsack on his/her back, and they are carrying a walkikng stick in their left hand. They stand at a crossroads, with one road leading to the right, through green fields into the hills. The sky shows white clouds, with a bird in flight.

The Maiden of Cups: Features a female figure with long blonde hair, wearing a gray cloak over a pink/lavender dress. Her left handholds a cup, and she stands against a background of ocean and  cliffs.

The Queen of Pentacles:  Features a female figure with dark hair, wearing a deep red dress. To her right is greenery, and to her back are green fields. In her left hand she holds a yellow pentacle. The sky in the background is clear, and there is a brown bear to her right and infront of her.

The major differences between the first and second editions are that the companion book for the second edition is an e-book, with no images, the card size is smaller, and the card backs have been enhanced with the gold metallic color. The card imagery remains the same. As a collector, I would want both decks! As an individual reader, I love the gold imagery on the backs of the second edition! The addition of the Maiden to the Minor Arcana, and the six cards to the Major Arcana significantly expands the “readability” of this deck. IMHO, it would appeal to individuals from all cultures and all backgrounds. And, me being me, I have to say that both editions are excellent for ritual work!

 © October 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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