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Review – “Tarot Lovers’ Diary 2013”

Tarot Lovers’ Diary 2013

 Author: Karyn Easton
Artist: Karyn Easton
Independently Published

Tarot Lovers Diary 2013

I got Dragon software as a Christmas gift, and my Tarot Lovers’ Diary arrived the very next day! Okay 2013 … bring it on! I am ready! This is a lovely, A6 wirebound diary that has been out since 2006. I have used it myself for several years – I am old fashioned, so it sits right by my computer, with a written “to do” list for each day of the week (I do try to leave Sunday’s completely clear!). I check things off as I go, and can look to the days ahead to see what I will need to accomplish. Things can still sneak up on me, but I do have a good visual sight line on my projects. Yes, I could use an electronic calendar, but for me, this works better.

The diary includes:

  • Tarot card meanings and associations (with a black and white scan of each card), with room for personal notes.
  • Black and white illustrations of the entire 78 card Tarot Lovers’ Tarot at the end of the book that can be cut out and used as a mini-deck.
  • Examples of Tarot spreads, including two different Questions and Answers Spreads, the Yes/No Answer Spread, a Three Card Spread, the Seven Card Horseshoe Spread, the Seven Card Infinity Spread, and a Six Card Spread.

The diary itself is set up in the “week at a glance” format, with a small area for notes for the week, as well as a complete calendar for the month. Holidays are noted (please remember that this diary is produced in the UK, meaning that the holidays reflected are for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland), along with interesting little factoids presented for each day. The cycles of the moon are also noted.

There is an inclusive table of contents in the front of the diary that lists the pages where you will find astrological information, chronological cycles and eras, a religious and civil calendar, holidays in the United Kingdom, phases of the moon, where the upright and reversed meaning for each of the Tarot cards can be found, as well as where sample Tarot spreads are located. (I really like the fact that the spreads are not corralled in one section – they are interspersed throughout the diary, so that they can be specifically looked up and used, or they can be experienced in an “Oh, cool … look what I found!” manner as the diary is used.)

Throughout this diary are mini “infomercials” for products from the site, such as the “Tarot Lovers’ Trilogy” Tarot card app, a link to the Birth Card Calculator, links to the Tarot Lovers’ Tarot and the Paranormality sites, the Tarot Lovers’ Notebook, the Paranormality Haunted Directory and more.

Note: In honor of transparency, I need to point out that reference to my book “Tarot, Birth Cards, and You” is made in the diary. I thank Karyn profusely – had she not allowed me to use her “Tarot Lovers’ Tarot” imagery in my book, the book would never have made it to print!

The Tarot Lovers’ Diary can be ordered here: ,

 © December 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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Tarot Card Meanings App – iPhone & iPad

I am very pleased to be giving you a heads up  on a wonderful app from Karyn Easton, the awesome lady that behind the deck that illustrates my book, “Tarot, Birth Cards, and You”. She has just come out with an app for the iPhone and iPad that is based on teaching Tarot card meanings. What a wonderful gift for the Tarot community!



Brief and full card meanings are given, as well as handy hints and hidden
meanings. And … the Tarot card designs can be used as background wallpaper!  With the swipe of a finger, this app will give the user access to traditional card meanings, compiled from some of the best traditional card meaning sources available. There is a handy hint for each card in both its upright and reversed position. One tap brings the desired card up, then tap the meaning to see it, or rotate the card with your finger to see it in reverse.



The information contained in this app is compatible with any 78 card Tarot deck. Illustrations are from Karyn’s “Tarot Lovers’ Tarot” deck (which can be seen on

To read more about Karyn’s Tarot app, and to purchase it, go to

(c) April 2012 Bonnie Cehovet


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