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Review – The Inner Realms Tarot

Inner Realms Tarot

Author: Saleire
Artist: Saleire
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN #978-0-7643-4391-9

Inner Realms Tarot cover

Schiffer Publishing has recently released several absolutely incredible decks! The “Inner Realms Tarot” certainly falls into that category. Author/artist Saleire is a lady that I have had the pleasure to get to know a bit on Facebook … she is brilliant, charming, and very authentic, just as  the deck she created!

The “Inner Realms Tarot” is a traditional 78 card Tarot deck. The Major Arcana carry the traditional titles, with Strength at VIII, and Justice at XI. The Minor Arcana suits are Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, with the Court Cards entitles King, Queen, Knight, and Page. The Minor Arcana Pips (numbered cards) arfe done Marseilles style – using icons, rather than scenic imagery. The deck and 128 page companion book come packaged in a trademark Schiffer lift top, hard cardboard box, with a magnetic lid. The box cover features the Ace of Swords, while the card back carries a message on how to use the cards.

The companion book features the Ace of Swords on the cover, and the Hermit on the back cover. From the introduction:

I have tried to create cards that are a quick and easy reference to the basic idea of Tarot. You do not have to spend  years learning the symbolism of Tarot before you can become a wonderfully caring Tarot reader. All you have to do is trust your inner guide, your senses, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. This is something books cannot teach you. A reader wants to help people: This is the key and the only qualification you need to become the best.”

 Saleire goes on to say that the artwork has been kept soft and dreamy … where Cups are made of blue light, and Swords are made of swirling energy, meant to set your imagination free. She recommends meditating with the images, as this gives you insight into what the cards mean to you. The words on the cards are meant to show where the reading is going. To make the reading work … Saleire suggests that you quiet the chatter in your head. Great suggestion! Truer words were never spoken! The reader is the boss … not the cards. They are not called the “Pasteboard Masquerade” for nothing!

Saleire entreats the reader to read with their senses … all of their senses! And to follow their instincts in interpreting the cards. She then takes it one step further … after the reader opens their deck, they are encouraged to imagine them surrounded by light, and to allow that light to flow into your heart. One last word on this chapter: “… each person who looks at the cards will see the same thing, but will interpret it differently”. Okay … one more thing! When a reading is over, rub your hands together, releasing the energy of the last Seeker’s reading before you being the next reading.

Three spreads are presented: the Three Card Spread, the Horseshoe Spread, and the traditional Celtic Cross Spread. Saleire suggests that the reader can change the words on the cards. SSShhhe suggests that they might consider the following: (1) What happened, (2) How the incident affects the present situation, and (3) What the Seeker can do about it.

Each card is presented with a black and white image, the card’s name, and a description of the card’s energy. From the book:

IX The Hermit

 It is time to seek within for answers, realize your path, and know that you are going in the right direction. You need this time to put things in perspective, contemplate, and relax. You are reading, studying, and searching everywhere for the answers, but sometimes the only thing that you need to do is ask yourself one question: Am I happy? If the answer is no, then you have work to do by seeking the truth about your life and why you are not happy. Look deeper into the meaning of life, and know where you stand. Ask again: Am I happy? If not, change your life and progress further along the path of truth.”

 At the end of the book there is a truly interesting section entitled Other Meanings. There are little tid bits of wisdom, such as the association of the elements and the zodiac signs with the suits; pairing of the suits (i.e. Cups paired with Swords represents “Trust your heart”); pairings of the Aces (i.e. the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles represents excitement and abundance); and pairing of the Court Cards(i.e. Page and Page represents two young people who you care about).

Inner Realms back

The cards themselves are 3 1/2” by 5”, of good quality, glossy card stock. The backs are a dark brown, with gold scroll-like imagery, and are reversible. The card faces show a dark brown background, with gold scrolling across the sides and bottom. For the Major Arcana, the name and number (in Roman numerals) are printed in gold across the top of the card. For the Minor Arcana Pips, the number and suit are printed in gold across the top of the card. For the Court Cards, the title and suit are printed in gold across the top of the card.

The Minor Arcana Pips are done in Marseilles style, showing icons only. Wands and Swords are done in blue, Cups and Pentacles in gold. The imagery on the Major Arcana cards is non-traditional, and very compelling. The Moon shows a hand in the middle of the card, palm  up. Water is pouring down from a full moon onto the hand, spilling over onto oearth. At the end of one fi ngertip we see a fully formed tree. The Hanged Man shows a phosphorescent form of a human being, hanging upside down from the fingers of a hand that is shown, palm down, at the top of the card. The Hierophant is a gold framed oval mirror. The Hermit shows a multi-colored “mythc” type creature’s face. The Fool shows an amorphous form moving through the card. Words that carry the energy of each card (Saleire does not call them keywords) are printed in different places throughout each carfd.

This is a deck for reading, ritual work, journeying, meditation, and more. The mystical style of the cards is carried out evenly throughout the deck, creating a magical world through which we can expand our wisdom about ourselves, and about the world around us.

(c) 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited in any venue without the written permission of the author.

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