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Portland Tarot News!

Portland Tarot Molount St Helen's

My apologies – I left this site out of last weeks blog on Tarot apps! It is based on a universal app that any deck can be used with. Please check it out!

I absolutely love the Portland Tarot, from artist/author Theresa Pridemore an co-author Jamie Morris. The first edition is already sold out – the next step is an indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to print a second edition of this 23 card Major Arcana deck (the extra card is entitled Weird). The image above is one of my favorites from this deck, featuring Theresa’s fiance Jefferson Lee.

The deck was inspired, literally, by Portland, Oregon – the City of Bridges, reflecting its culture, spirit, and creative (renegade!) nature. The second edition will feature 4″ by 6″ versions of hte 23 cards, three “Bridge Cards” with reading themes (named for three major bridges in Portland), with an instruction booklet.

There are an incredible numbe rof options with this campaign … it is well thought out, and incredible exciting! One of the perks is to star in your own card! How good does it get!

You can follow the project here on Facebook, and become personally involved on the indiegogo page.

Let’s all help Theresa rock this one!

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