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Review – The Muse Tarot

The Muse Tarot

Author: Chris-Anne
Artist: Chris Anne
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN #978-1401958329

The Muse Tarot, by Chris-Anne, is a 78 card Tarot deck with accompanying 112 page Guidebook. The cards and Guidebook come in s sturdy, lift-top box. This is a female oriented deck, created for the purpose of connecting with your inner Muse. In her introduction, Chris-Anne talks about this deck being both unorthodox and experimental. It is not meant to be a learning deck in the traditional sense of learning the Tarot. However, it definitely qualifies as a learning deck from the point of view of connecting with one’s inner Muse. Chris-Anne talks about learning about what inspires us, and the actions we can take to make our personal creative ventures a wild adventure. Through connecting with our Muse we connect with the magic in life.

The traditional structure of the deck has been maintained, in terms of 22 Major Arcana cards and four suits of 14 cards each. The Major Arcana titles remain the same, with the exception of The Wheel of Fortune, which becomes The Wheel, The Hanged Man, which becomes the Hanged Muse, Judgment, which becomes Awakening, and The World, which becomes World Cosmos. Strength is 8, and Justice is 11.

The four suits have been renamed to reflect their elemental qualities: Wands becomes Inspiration, Cups becomes Emotions, Swords becomes Voices, and Pentacles becomes Materials. The titles for the court cards remain the same, with the exception of the King, which becomes the Muse.

The Guidebook presents the cards in text only, with title, keywords, prompt, write-up, and a short poem. There are no reading spreads presented.

The cards are presented on cardstock that is easy to work with. The backs show a pink flowered border, surrounding a pastel green with a darker green shape in the middle, emanating white lines (bringing to mind energy). The card backs are reversible,

The card faces are borderless, with the card titles for the Major Arcana at the bottom of the card, with the exception of The Wheel, Justice, Death, and The Tower , which carry the title at the top of the card. The Minor Arcana show the title either the top or the bottom of the card, with the Muses showing the title on the side of the card.

The colors used in this deck are for the most part pastels, with the imagery being quite evocative. As with any really good divination deck, every time you use it you learn something new.

From the book:

  • The Priestess: keywords – intuitive, psychic dreams; prompt – sacred sheer
  • Death: keywords – rebirth, regeneration; prompt – rites of passage
  • The Moon: keywords – illusions, facing your fears; prompt – confusing reflections
  • 9 of Inspiration: keywords – protection, setting boundaries; prompt – winds of defiance
  • Ace of Emotions: keywords – new relationships, emotional intelligence
  • Queen of Emotions: keywords – love, emotional intuition; prompt – tentacles of experience
  • Page of Voices: keywords – curious, restless energy; prompt – frenetic understanding of stillness
  • Knight of Materials: keywords – productivity and diligence paying off; prompt – the tasks of joy
  • Muse of Voices: keywords – abundance, material success; prompt – dirt magick

I found this deck to be a wonderful tool for self-reflection, inspiration, and healing.

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