Tarot Past & Future!

27 Sep



This is going to be a short post – about Tarot past, and Tarot future. Let’s start with Tarot future! As a community we have 13 days left to help fund hte second printing of a phenomenal deck – the Portland Tarot! The indiegogo campaign is very well thought out, with an absolute ton of options for donating! There is only 13 days left, and the campaign has not reached 50%. Whether you simply want to donate what you can, or gift yourself (or someone else) with this wonderful deck, please act now! Theresa Pridemore and Jamie Morris have worked very hard on this deck and companion book … I for one would love to see them succeed! Here it the link – Portland Tarot.


A flash from the past – from the Thursday Night Tarot – Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magician.

A foray back into the future – the October issue of Attune Magazine (founder/editor Mary Nale) isdue out this next week! You can find it here.

Do whatever you can to be active and contribute to the Tarot community!


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